Review: Under His Skin (Alien Encounters #1) by Stacey O’Neale

October 15, 2015 Review 0

Review: Under His Skin (Alien Encounters #1) by Stacey O’NealeUnder His Skin by Stacey O'Neale
Series: Alien Encounters #1
Published by Entangled Covet on September 21, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Romantic, Science Fiction
Format: eBook
Pages: 225
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Explicit sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Kim
4 Stars

A paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

Earth girls are never easy. But they're worth it. Bakery owner Annabelle Sparks' business is booming ever since she won reality TV's Cupcake Wars. The one thing deflating her happy soufflé? The extremely sexy Kaden Chance only sees her as a best friend-and Annabelle wants so much more. After waiting a year for him recognize their chemistry, she's giving up and dating other people.

What she doesn't know is Kaden's heart doesn't actually beat. He's not human. Heck, he's not even from Earth. To retain his intergalactic immunity, no one can ever know he is an extraterrestrial. But when Annabelle starts dating, something strange happens to Kaden's unmoved heart: it begins to beat. Now he faces an impossible choice-tell Annabelle the truth and be deported-or lose his last chance at love.

Right off the bat, UNDER HIS SKIN hit all the right paranormal romance notes for me: easy to relate to characters, two people who are crazy about each other but are kept apart by outside forces/their own will, and sexy protagonists from outer space. What more can you ask for? Well for one, it could have used a bit more science-fiction "science", but it didn't ruin the book for me.

Kaden and his brothers are refugees from a destroyed planet, Superman-style, who have an uneasy truce with the FBI who has placed them in a type of Witness Protection Program here on Earth. There are rules that go along with this protection, and one of the big ones is that they are not supposed to form romantic relationships with humans. Although Kaden tries his best, Annabelle and him quickly form a friendship that turns into something more. It was sweet to watch the relationship develop, even when Kaden was being a giant tool and trying to "keep her safe" by pushing her away.

There are multiple funny moments in the book, as Kaden tries to woo Annabelle, or as the brothers use their powers for purely selfish reasons.

I did roll my eyes at one point when the heroine thought back to her less than (inter)stellar sexual history, wondering "if any man could ever make her achieve orgasm..." We get it, we get it.

As previously said, sci-fi-wise, there were a few more plot holes than I would have wanted; there were multiple unanswered questions about the alien physiology before they came to earth, about the destruction of their planet, and mostly about the uneasy truce they have with the FBI (let's just say they haven't told them quite everything). The brothers have a few hidden powers that actually caused a huge plot hole for me by the end of the book - if they have this power, why in the world didn't they use it earlier?

Still, UNDER HIS SKIN was a fun romp, and as is the case with many paranormal romances, the story sets up the next book of the Alien Encounters series starring Kaden's brother Cam. I will be looking forward to discovering more about his powers and hopefully learning more about the technology and physiology of these aliens.

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