Review: The Devil’s A Werewolf (Seven Brides For Seven Shifters #2), by Thalia Eames

October 20, 2015 Review 0

Review: The Devil’s A Werewolf (Seven Brides For Seven Shifters #2), by Thalia EamesThe Devil’s a Werewolf by Thalia Eames
Published by Samhain Publishing on October 20th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 240
Source: Publisher
2 Stars

The badder they are, the better they bite.

Juliana Perlas has three good reasons to give up dating bad boys:

1. The uber-famous ones tend to be jerks.

2. They’re dangerous.

3. Danger turns her on.

She pulls a trifecta when one of the Seven Sons of Hell crashes through her living room window. Strong, definitely not silent, 1.5-million-Youtube-suscribers Daz Warren.

Dashiell Warren never means to destroy things; chaos just kind of follows him around. His peculiar gift has served him well as a shifter MMA fighter, but it’s left behind a trail of destroyed lives. Miraculously, Jules is the only person in five years he’s been able to touch without suffering searing pain. Which makes him want to get closer.

Jules sternly reminds herself she wants a heroic type who’ll fight for her, slay dragons for her. But Daz has vowed to never raise his fists again—literally or figuratively.In spite of themselves, his need to touch and her weakness for danger boys collide and go nuclear.

All while Fate howls with laughter...

Warning: This book contains a woman whose mind says “run” but whose body says “dance”. And a hero who’s...who’s...well, there’s no nicer way to put it. He’s a smartass. May cause barks of laughter and a yen for taboo sex. Hey, if you can’t run from him, run to him.

There are a lot of things that don't quite work in THE DEVIL IS A WEREWOLF; the general setting, the gabillion characters (and this is just book two...), the massive breaks in the story, the gaps in the mythology, and the easy resolution at the end that I felt could have come months and months beforehand.

Still, there are things that worked for me. It's true that Dax and Jules, two daredevil, strong characters, have instant chemistry, and their romance is truly wet and wild. Dax has a crippling "curse" that causes him physical pain whenever he touches anyone skin to skin... Anyone but Jules that is.

This leads to the first of many strange waiting games the two of them play; Dax initially doesn't want to get involved with Jules in case his curse decides to include her later on. They get over it, but then split up again for 7 months, and then for another 7 later on in the book, each time because they need to "sort stuff out". It really felt like these characters, who love thrills and spills, were giant weenies when it came to dealing with their feelings. It got old after a while.

On top of that, I had trouble keeping track of where people were working (does she work in a dinner, or as a social worker, or both??), where they were living (in a mansion with the rest of the family? and how many other people are living here?) and who exactly was a shifter and who wasn't.

I felt like there was too much being crammed into this short book. I enjoyed the cyber-bullying plot, but there were so many other little stories and asides going that I lost interest.The ending, with it's super quick resolution of all the issues, just got on my nerves.

Overall, the second book in the Seven Brides for Seven Shifters series is not quite my cup of tea.

Series Titles:
  1. There's Something About Werewolves
  2. The Devil's A Werewolf
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