Fair Weather (BookBurners #1.3), by Margaret Dunlap

October 14, 2015 Review 1

Fair Weather (BookBurners #1.3), by Margaret DunlapFair Weather by Margaret Dunlap
Series: BookBurners #1.3
Published by Serial Box on September 23rd 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Occult & Supernatural, Supernatural, Thrillers
Format: eBook
Pages: 64
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: NA
Reviewed by: Kim
3 Stars

Little is at it seems on the high seas when a magical book wreaks havoc on a luxury yacht.

The Team saves on flight costs as the newest mystery happens around the corner. A tip from a local antiquarian doesn’t make it to the Team in time and they are left with a once-bookstore-now-rubble-pile, a missing magical tome, and very few clues beyond a helpful tour guide (one might even say too helpful…). Tracking the missing book to a luxury yacht, the Team gets less of the high-end boating experience and more of the demon-on-the-loose nightmare. All aboard the Fair Weather; but no smooth sailing ahead.

This episode is brought to you by team-writer Margaret Dunlap and introduces readers (and our heroine) to not only the true dangers of the job but to mysterious secrets even cloudier than the Societas Librium Occultorum.

Perhaps because it didn't involve jetting around the globe, FAIR WEATHER felt shorter than the first two episodes of the BookBurners.  Still, it packs a few fun surprises that nearly had me cheering.

Readers were introduced to quite a few new characters in this episode, including the leader of Team 1 (Sal is on Team 3). Team 1 are the ones who will terminate people infected with the evil magic that can leak out of the books. They clean up the messes is Team 3 doesn't recover the artifacts in time, so there is obviously some tension between the two teams. You definitely get the feeling that there is a lot more going on than what Sal's team is doing, and that not all of it is very nice.

The descriptions of the demonic manifestation was super gross this time, and there were some excellent bits of humour and good pacing as they were trying to deal with the black sludge that is slowly filling the cruise ship they find themselves trapped on.

We also get a glimpse at a potential villain for the series, although it's absolutely not what you think it was at the end. A good addition to the series.

Series Titles:
  1. Badge, Book and Candle
  2. Anywhere But Here
  3. Fair Weather
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