Review: Badge, Book and Candle (Bookburners Episode #1.1) by Max Gladstone

September 24, 2015 Review 0

Review: Badge, Book and Candle (Bookburners Episode #1.1) by Max GladstoneBadge, Book, and Candle by Max Gladstone
Series: Bookburners #1.1
Published by Serial Box on September 6th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Supernatural, Urban
Format: eBook
Pages: 41
Source: Publisher
Excerpt: Excerpt
Reviewed by: Kim
4 Stars

Detective Sally Brooks investigates an unusual robbery, and discovers that magic is real—and hungry!  NYPD Detective Sal Brooks is no rookie—but even the most hardened cop would think twice when they see their brother open a book and become…well…something entirely not their brother. When her attempts to solve the case cross paths with a mysterious team led by a priest, she starts to realize that the world is far more than what is seems, and, just maybe, magic is real—and hungry.

This episode is the first in a 16-part Serial, Bookburners, presented by Serial Box. From a team of writers, this collaborative effort unfolds an epic urban fantasy narrative across an entire season in weekly installments.  Follow along as Sal learns the life changing lesson: some books have teeth.  To learn more about Bookburners and find out how you can read the whole serial, check out

The first episode of Bookburners, BADGE, BOOK AND CANDLE, sure packs a punch for only forty one pages.

The introduction gets you into the brain of the main character quickly and effectively, and unlike many female police characters, I didn't get the feeling she had a massive chip on her shoulders or something to prove that made her cold and distant. Sal is a relatively normal woman who has seen some crazy shit and who loves her brother, faults and all. Even if those faults involves chasing forbidden knowledge and getting tangled up with dark forces from beyond our world.

Although the origin of the Book Burners themselves is relatively vague, they do try to explain the great evil they are facing to Sal. Using gorgeous analogies, readers quickly understand not only the situation with Sal's brother, but also get a scope of how serious of a threat these invasive forces could be, neatly setting us up for further episodes.

Short as BADGE, BOOK AND CANDLE was, I devoured it quickly and was left with excitement for the next episode. It felt like I had watched a hot new pilot for a show along the lines of Warehouse 13 or Buffy. I'm super excited for the next one, and luckily, new chapters or episodes will be coming out weekly through a new service called Serial Box.

I've read a few serial novels in the past few years, but they've always been by a single author. It will be interesting to see if the voice and quality can be maintained for 16 episodes of Bookburners with various authors, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

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