Review: Licked By The Flames (The Forbidden Realm #2) by Serena Gilley

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Review: Licked By The Flames (The Forbidden Realm #2) by Serena GilleyLicked by the Flame by Serena Gilley
Series: The Forbidden Realm #2
Published by Grand Central Publishing on July 7th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 336
Source: NetGalley
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Multiple sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Kim
2 Stars

One hot kiss from a smoldering dragon and all her thoughts go up in flames . . . Lianne McGowan is a scientist on a mission. As brilliant as she is beautiful, she believes the key to the Earth's future is a new energy source. To find it, she'll delve deep into the fiery heart of an imposing mountain-and take on an even more imposing man: the sinfully seductive Nic Vladik.Shape-shifting dragon Nic has sworn to guard the secret to his brethren's insatiable power. He must stop Lianne's search, yet the moment he feels the soft silk of her skin, his soul is set on fire. Unable to resist, Nic and Lianne submit to desire, and experience an exquisite passion unlike either has ever known. But their pleasure is short-lived. Lianne has made a discovery that endangers herself, Nic, and all Dragonkind. With his world at stake, will Nic save his clan-or the woman he loves?

Despite a very strong first few pages, LICKED BY THE FLAMES left me feeling confused. It was well written, but some of the mythology and magic was so unbelievably weird that I never got into the story.

Lianne isn't super relatable either until you get her out of her element. She is a hard-hitting executive who is on strict orders to get the facility up and running. Little does she know, the facility is unknowingly threatening the one thing Nic is sworn to protect: a rare clutch of dragon eggs. Nic is not very likable either at first, but that becomes more and more understandable as you come to learn that magical creatures such as dragons and fairies do not typically feel passion; it's not only quite taboo, but passion also interferes with magical activities.

The mythology in this book was super weird, and even as the couple started coming together and being more interesting, the magic and technology just kept getting weirder. I honestly could not help but roll my eyes every time a machine sent a fairy couple into a mating frenzy and then their combined energy blew up the machine - and it happened at least three times.

The fairy couple was another strange inclusion: they were the main characters of the first book, and yet were featured very heavily, way more than typical paranormal romance character features. And some of the logic of their coupling-practices had me shaking my head in disbelief. If my fairy partner grew to human size whenever he achieved orgasm, I am not sure he would be my partner for long, no matter how much fairy sizing dust we have...

Nic and Lianne got interesting, but the weird mythology and sex-inducing machines were too strange for me and kept taking me out of the story.


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