5Bat! Review: Positive by David Wellington

May 15, 2015 Review 2

5Bat! Review: Positive by David WellingtonPositive by David Wellington
Published by Harper Collins on April 21, 2015
Genres: Adult, Horror
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448
Source: Personal Copy
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Non-explicit sexual intercourse, references to rape/pedophilia.
Reviewed by: Kim
5 Stars

Anyone can be positive . . .

The tattoed plus sign on Finnegan’s hand marks him as a Positive. At any time, the zombie virus could explode in his body, turning him from a rational human into a ravenous monster. His only chance of a normal life is to survive the last two years of the potential incubation period. If he reaches his twenty-first birthday without an incident, he’ll be cleared.

Until then, Finn must go to a special facility for positives, segregated from society to keep the healthy population safe. But when the military caravan transporting him is attacked, Finn becomes separated. To make it to safety, he must embark on a perilous cross-country journey across an America transformed—a dark and dangerous land populated with heroes, villains, madmen, and hordes of zombies. And though the zombies are everywhere, Finn discovers that the real danger may be his fellow humans.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome meets World War Z and I Am Legend in this thrilling tale that has it all: a compelling story, great characters, and explosive action, making Positive the ultimate zombie novel of our time.

POSITIVE's post apocalyptic America is a scary place: walled cities that are barely surviving, a terrifying death cult moving in from the west, and endless stretches of open road with zombies at every turn. It's a wild, wild ride.

Finnegan is exiled from New York at 18, but he still feels very much like a child. He is a second-generation survivor, and he doesn't understand why the first-generation are so quick to panic. When he is thrust from the relative safety of Manhattan island into the wilds, he has a steep learning curve to deal with. I loved how little things showed how sheltered he was: thinking Ohio is two hours away from Manhattan, not understanding family pictures, and more. As he meets people, more nasty than good, he quickly learns how difficult it is to survive after the world has ended.

By the end of the book though, he has matured and turned into a leader of his fellow Positives, people who have been exposed to the zombie virus and could change at any time. His evolution feels natural and realistic, with Finn doubting himself along the way and struggling to keep this eclectic group of people together. I think what suprised me most about the book is that no matter how devastatingly horrible things got, by the time I put it down I felt really good about it. In the end, it's a pretty positive book.

Wellington's writing style is quick and chilling, with short little chapters that keep the story moving. It makes it easy to keep up with the pace. Even when there is a slower portion of the story, Finn's safety is never guaranteed. Whether he is being held by a slave driver or in the hands of the benevolent government, it's a dangerous world to live in and the pressure never lets off.

Filled with truly horrific, evil characters (other humans, honestly), POSITIVE is not for the faint of heart but is a wonderfully original take on the post-zombie world. So many books concentrate on the apocalypse; it's refreshing to see what happens when it's time to try to rebuild. Highly recommended for both zombie and post-apocalyptic lovers.

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2 Responses to “5Bat! Review: Positive by David Wellington”

  1. Bob (@beauty_in_ruins)

    Agreed – it was refreshing to to see what happens beyond the apocalypse, without worrying about why it happened, and looking at what happens when we rebuild. It had a few flaws that kept it a 4 star read for me, but it was still enjoyable.

  2. Sam

    Wow! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I think this is the first time I’ve seen a 5 bat review! This one does sound great. Definitely adding it to Goodreads! 🙂