Review: Wicked Dark Dragon (Dragon Heat, #3) by Lolita Lopez

March 13, 2015 Review 0

Review:  Wicked Dark Dragon (Dragon Heat, #3) by Lolita LopezWicked Dark Dragon by Lolita Lopez
Series: Dragon Heat, #3
Published by Forever Yours on March 3, 2015
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romantic
Format: eBook
Pages: 128 pages
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

Adopted a few weeks after birth, Ivy Morales suspects that she might not be totally human. Fully aware that one whisper of such insanity would land her in a mental institution, she keeps the outlandish thought to herself. But there's no ignoring the increasingly vivid and stunningly powerful dreams of an ancient blood feud that plague her nightly—or the darkly erotic turn those dreams have recently taken.

Drawn to Mexico for Spring Break, Ivy unwittingly stumbles right into the path of the same evil presence from her mysterious dreams. Kidnapped and held hostage, she has only one chance to survive. She reaches out to the wickedly sexy man from her dreams and prays he'll answer her call for help.

Welsh dragon shifter Ian Madoc struggles to understand the strange dream connection he shares with this unknown woman. In all his centuries of life, he's never experienced anything like it—and it unsettles him. When the dreams turn to pleas for help, Mad rushes off in the middle of the night, hell-bent on saving the young woman he fears may be his mate.

But rescuing Ivy from the clutches of the Knights is only the beginning of Mad's problems. When Ivy's true identity is revealed, old secrets and a close friend's betrayal put him at odds with the rest of the Brotherhood. Protecting the dragon species is no longer his top priority. He'll do anything to keep Ivy safe, even if it means walking away from the only life he's ever known.

I enjoy reading about dragon shifters in general and I like the concept of the Dragon Heat series with its epic war between dragons and knights spanning over generations. WICKED DARK DRAGON expands on the intriguing mythology giving a basis for the hatred between dragons and knights. The plot of this story revolves around Mad discovering Ivy, a woman he doesn't really know has been kidnapped and his rescuing of her. Granted his big rescue mission stops once he gets himself caught and thus must sit around waiting for other dragons to come to the rescue. I was left wondering if he meant to be captured because he was taken down pretty quickly. There was really not that much action and I was left tapping my foot waiting for the other dragons to come and bust Mad and Ivy out of prison and that scene happened so fast I missed it.

The romance was the classic insta-love but this one was insta-love with a caffeine overload. They set eyes on each other and are already in love. Not merely attracted, or in lust but love and know practically nothing about each other. I get that they have the concept of destined mates but both of them seem to not even question it, even Ivy who is pretty new to the whole being a dragon thing. Much of the book involved these two talking and cuddling. I did enjoy some of the cuddling and sexy moments but I grew a little bored of it and impatient when the end of the book came near and they still haven't gotten out of prison.

WICKED DARK DRAGON was an okay, short read but left me wanting more, more from Mad and Ivy's relationship and attempts at escape, more action, and just more pages.


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