Review: Jaguar Pride (Heart of the Jaguar, #4) by Terry Spear

February 5, 2015 Review 2

Review: Jaguar Pride (Heart of the Jaguar, #4) by Terry SpearJaguar Pride by Terry Spear
Series: Heart of the Jaguar, #4
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on February 3, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romantic
Format: eBook
Pages: 384 pages
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
4 Stars

JAG Special Forces operatives like Golden Claw agent Melissa Overton and her partner, Huntley Anderson, are trained for the most dangerous missions in the harshest environments. These hardened jaguar shifters can handle any variable, even . . . babies?

When Huntley and Melissa find two jaguar shifter cubs snoozing in their jungle hut while on assignment, they have to keep the cubs and each other safe from ruthless poachers, bringing these partners closer in ways they never expected...

I had always meant to read this series since I have read and enjoyed Terry Spear's other shifter series Heart of the Wolf. Like usual I jumped into reading a series right in the middle with the fourth book and luckily like Heart of the Wolf, Heart of the Jaguar is a series you can just jump into with out any confusion. What I liked about JAGUAR PRIDE was the plot involving two people being thrown into a 'babysitting' job in the middle of a jungle. I assumed some hilarious hijinks would ensue with randomly shifting jaguar babies and I was not disappointed. While this isn't a laugh out loud story by any means I really loved seeing Melissa and Huntley try to figure out how to take care of babies with minimal supplies and no experience taking care of babies.  Aside from the baby issues the plot involving poachers and kidnapping was pretty intense and felt like a thriller set in a hot sweaty jungle.

The type of romance with Melissa and Huntley is one of my favorite in the romance genre for its realism. These two knew eachother and had some attraction to the other person but never acted on it due to circumstances. Circumstances conveniently work in their favor and they find eachother in the middle of the jungle together. These two work so well together in the field and share so many commonalities in the way the think and what they want that if this were a series staring only them I'd be shaking my fist wondering why they haven't gotten together already. Luckily no fist shaking happens and the romance is passionate and fun.

JAGUAR PRIDE is an excellent example of a paranormal romance done right. It has a healthy dash of suspense and thrilling action with some humor and gentleness to balance out the darker plot surrounding poaching of jaguars. Terry Spear has always been on my list of authors whose books I will pick up and read without hesitation and I look forward to reading more of Heart of the Jaguar.

Series Titles:

1. Savage Hunger

2. Jaguar Fever

3. Jaguar Hunt

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  1. Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons

    This is a series that I’ve been wanting to start. I’ve yet to try anything from Terry Spear. I have book one on audio, but just haven’t listened yet. I know I want to listen soon.