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February 17, 2015 Guests 1

We have a special guest post for you today from a fellow blogger who wanted to share some upcoming books she’s looking forward to. So, welcome Emily from Plenty of Pages!

If you, like me, live in the northeast US and are getting absolutely pummeled by snow this month, there are a lot of reasons to be dreaming about the future. Any future– I’m not picky– as long as it doesn’t resemble the Siberian tundra outside my window, I’ll be happy. But beyond the warm weather and excuse to drink frozen things with little umbrellas in them, there’s a lot of awesome urban fantasy coming our way over the next few months, especially on the YA front. So today I’ve brought you a sampling of some of the YA urban fantasy titles slated to hit the shelves in the next few months. From genies to angels to big bad wolves, these books are guaranteed to pack a punch that makes them worth the wait. Now if only I could be as patient about waiting for summer…

DREAMFIRE by Kit Alloway

February 24, 2015


If you’ve ever found yourself imagining what Inception might have been like with a teenaged female protagonist, this book might just scratch your itch. Joshlyn’s family is part of an ancient and very protective order of dreamwalkers– people whose job it is to walk through the dreamspace shared by all of humanity, battling nightmares to keep them from causing chaos in the real world. With a fatal mistake in Josh’s past, a new apprentice she wants nothing to do with, treacherous strangers stalking her in dreams, and strife within the society that threatens to tear it in two, Alloway’s first novel promises to be a complex and compelling story.


BECOMING JINN by Lori Goldstein

April 21, 2015

Becoming Jinn (Becoming Jinn, #1)

Azra lives among humans, but she isn’t one of them. On her sixteenth birthday she inherits her birthright as one of the Jinn– the power to grant wishes, and the shackles that come along with it. Her power isn’t hers to control; that belongs to the ruling class of jinn known as the Afrit. But learning how to use it is up to her, and to the women in her family who mentor her, even as she starts to discover that her powers aren’t like theirs– or like anything they’ve ever seen before. With a lot of strong relationships between women, some great diversity representation, and what sounds like a fun magical coming-of-age story, this is definitely one to watch out for.


April 28, 2015

The Girl at Midnight


Blame it on Neverwhere, but I’ve got a soft spot for the “hidden city” trope, where an unseen world exists right alongside the one we mundanes walk around in every day. That’s what hooked me about the premise of The Girl at Midnight, in which a human girl is raised by the Avicen, a magical race of people living beneath the streets of New York. The Avicen raised Echo the pickpocket as one of their own, so when a rival race threatens their survival, she’s willing to do whatever she has to to save them– even if it means hunting down a creature out of folklore that might not even exist in the first place. This sounds like it’s taking aspects of some of my favorite urban fantasy like Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the Modern Faerie trilogy and blending them together in a wildly colorful new way– and, bonus! It’s meant to be first in a series.


CRIMSON BOUND by Rosamund Hodge

May 5, 2015

Crimson Bound

A reckless moment in the woods forces Rachelle to make a terrible choice, one that shapes her future as monster-hunter and defender of the realm. She’d rather do anything than accept the king’s order to become the prince’s bodyguard, but Armand quickly becomes her ally in the quest to save their kingdom– a quest that gets more dangerous by the minute. With magic swords, courtly intrigue, and a monster in the woods that wants to seize control of the human world, basically nothing in Rachelle and Armand’s world is safe– except perhaps each other. A reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood set in a world inspired by the hedonism and political machinations of Louis XIV’s court at Versailles, this is going to be a twisty and beautiful book with– if you’ll forgive the big bad wolf pun– lots to sink your teeth into.

END OF DAYS by Susan Ee

May 12, 2015


If you haven’t read ANGELFALL and WORLD AFTER, the first two installments in this series about a world where the apocalypse is brought on by an army of invading angels, you have three months to catch up before the third volume drops. The saga of Penryn and Raffe started out with a bang: Raffe was attacked and stripped of his wings by a group of his fellow angels, and Penryn’s wheelchair-bound little sister was kidnapped by the same crowd. Their journey to reclaim what they’ve lost took them into the heart of the angels’ stronghold, and as the third book opens, they’re on the run. There are some startling revelations ahead, and some nearly insurmountable obstacles, and Penryn and Raffe will have some hard choices to make before the end. I really can’t wait to see how this ties up; if the first two are any indication, it’s going to be explosive.


THE STARS NEVER RISE by Rachel Vincent

June 9, 2015

The Stars Never Rise

In a world where every soul is in danger of being consumed by the hungry demons that use humans like livestock, the Church has become the ultimate authority– be good, don’t sin, and you’re safe. Refuse to follow the rules, and you could be accused of possession and sentenced to any number of draconian punishments, from time in the stocks to being burned alive. To help her sister avoid one such fate, Nina puts her trust in a vigilante exorcist on the run from the Church– but is he enough to keep them alive? Sounds like The Crucible and His Dark Materials got tossed into the dystopian martini shaker and this is what came out. With a strong sister relationship at the center and the promise of a good angsty romance, this one looks like it’s going to be a real showstopper.

SHADOWSHAPER by Daniel Jose Older

June 30, 2015


Goodreads describes this one as “Cassandra Clare meets Caribbean legend”, which hooked me pretty much immediately. Our main character is teenage artist Sierra, who finds out that like her grandfather, she’s a Shadowshaper, a magician with the power to contact spirits via art, music, and stories. But someone is killing the Shadowshapers, and she has to find out who, why, and how to stop them, before someone in her family is next. It’s awesome to see a Latina girl (and her family) front and center in an urban fantasy story, also the magic looks really cool, and who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? If I had to pick the book on this list I’m most excited about, it’d be this one. Man, is it June yet?

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Emily hails from Boston, where she is currently writing from inside an igloo with only a space heater, her cat, and a bottle of wine for company. This is her first time posting at ATUF; you can read her book reviews and musings on representation in media at

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  1. Mina

    Thanks Emily for adding to my tbr-pile [never mind that it’s already more books I can read in a year… or five… but a woman needs goals, doesn’t she?!]

    And I’m so waiting for “End of Days” – the first two books knocked my socks off, so I’m expecting nothing less than a blast 🙂