Review: Otherworld Nights (Otherworld Stories, #3) by Kelley Armstrong

November 6, 2014 Review 1

Review: Otherworld Nights (Otherworld Stories, #3) by Kelley ArmstrongOtherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong
Series: Otherworld Stories, #3
Published by Orbit on October 7, 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320 pages
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: references to sex
Reviewed by: Kristina
4 Stars

Rare and never-before published short stories featuring fan favorites from the New York Times bestselling series

It’s been more than ten years since Kelley Armstrong began the Otherworld series and drew legions of fans to a realm roamed by witches, werewolves, necromancers, vampires, and half-demons. Many of the novels have become bestselling favorites, but not all of the Otherworld adventures have been easy to find. At last, Otherworld Nights shares short stories that have previously been available only online or in obscure collections. Fans have long been clamoring for this anthology and they won’t be disappointed—they’ll find plenty of surprises are in store.

OTHERWORLD NIGHTS was a nice compilation of short stories of Women of the Otherworld, that were featured in various anthologies over the years with a new Savannah story at the end.  Going back and re-reading these stories felt very comforting and familiar since I've been reading Kelley Armstrong's stories for so long. All of these characters feel so real to me and I loved seeing them again. Since the stories are set at different times chronologically there really is no 'right' place to start reading.

There are a few back stories of some characters and some stories that happened in between books chronologically. I liked DEMONOLOGY and seeing Adam and his mom Talia figuring out what he is exactly. Talia is one determined lady though I wanted the story to be longer. LUCIFER'S DAUGHTER, which is half-demon Hope and werewolf Karl's short story was my one of my favorite.  Bring Karl Marsten, a renowned jewel thief and a chaos demon to a museum and things are bound to get a bit tricky. I love these two together and so glad they had a happy ending.  I wasn't a huge fan of the Savannah story as it didn't draw me in that much and I've never been a huge fan of her so that factored a bit into my feelings on the story. I did like catching up with some of the other characters to see how they are doing post Thirteen.

OTHERWORLD NIGHTS is a great way to revisit some much beloved characters. It is a must read for fans of Women of the Otherworld and I can't wait to get more short stories from this series.

Series Titles:

1. Men of the Otherworld

2. Tales of the Otherworld

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