Guest Blog: Terry Spear on What to Get a Werewolf for Christmas

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A big welcome to Terry Spear who is here to telling us what to get a werewolf for Christmas and celebrating the release of A Highland Wolf Christmas, Heart of the Wolf #15 (published on October 7, 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca).


What to Get a Werewolf for Christmas


Terry Spear

It’s important to remember that werewolves are only human, and well, a lot wolfish. So in truth, their gifts should be based on who they are, and what they like, not based on what they are.

In A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Bjornolf is a SEAL team member and Anna an undercover operative. During a harrowing hostage-taking situation, her beautiful white sweater is covered in mud and Bjornolf tries to clean it, but it’s just not working. He’d already admired that sweater on her, and so he buys her several more in the colors he thought she’d like because he knows he’ll love them on her. And she’s sure a couple of new weapons will make his eyes sparkle with delight!

So we go to the Highlands and what would a Highland wolf want? Again, it’s based on the characters. Their personalities, backgrounds, whatever they’ve had to go through would dictate what they would get. In a Highland Wolf Christmas, Guthrie is the financial advisor and Calla runs a successful party planning service. So both gifts dealt with the concept of money, and that leads to the perfect gifts for them.

Next year, it’s A Silver Wolf Christmas, and in that one CJ meets up with one of the new she-wolf sisters who are renovating the hotel across the street from the tavern. Their gifts all have to do with snow fun—and that has to do with important elements of the story also.

For the following year, I’ll be writing about jaguars getting into the Christmas spirit! I have NO idea what they’re getting for Christmas yet.

And what if I did a White Wolf Christmas for the following year?

The possibilities are limitless. One thing I will say, the pack dynamics make a difference in the way Christmas is celebrated also. In A Silver Wolf Christmas, they will have a big pack celebration, but individual families will also have private Christmas celebrations of their own. In A SEAL Wolf Christmas, they had the pack open house, but then their own private party, that included two teens. In A Highland Wolf Christmas, many of the close family members live in the castle, so that means closer quarters. So private can mean time alone in Guthrie’s office, or in the garden room—that appears to be a hotspot for romance.

In truth, and for all the werewolves, the gift of the season is being together, mated wolves—forever. Nothing else matters as much as that.

In any event, if you’ve picked up a hot wolf for Christmas and beyond, learn what he loves, besides you, and take it from there!

If you had a chance to capture the Highland wolf’s interest, what would you give him for Christmas? Besides lots of hot loving?

 USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over two dozen paranormal romance novels and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 HEART OF THE WOLF was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

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 A Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear


Available on October 7, 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca


It’s going to take a lot of mistletoe…

Guthrie MacNeill, financial advisor for his clan and werewolf pack, is at his wit’s end when the pack leader’s mate hires a gorgeous party planner to bring holiday cheer to the castle. Guthrie’s wildly attracted to Calla, except he can’t reconcile the fact that his job is to save the clan’s money, and hers seems to be to spend it.

To warm this Highlander’s heart

Calla Stewart has never had a more difficult client. The laird and lady of the castle are delightful, but the handsome Highlander holding the purse strings is quite impossible. Since she specializes in holiday magic, Calla hopes she can make the scrooge-like wolf lighten up. Then Guthrie takes on the role of Highland warrior to protect her from an unexpected threat, and the holidays take a turn for the passionate.

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