Review: Wanted: Wild Thing (Midnight Liaisons, #4) by Jessica Sims

September 22, 2014 Review 0

Review: Wanted: Wild Thing (Midnight Liaisons, #4) by Jessica SimsWanted: Wild Thing by Jessica Sims
Series: , #4
Published by Pocket Books on August 26, 2014
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Romantic
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384 pages
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: multiple graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

The final book in a romance series set in a “fun, sexy world” (USA TODAY), where paranormals seek love through a dating service called Midnight Liaisons.

Ryder is hiding a dark secret from her coworkers at Midnight Liaisons. Every time she’s sexually attracted to a man, her dragon side breaks through. Not exactly man-bait! But she needs to lose her virginity before her twenty-fifth birthday, or she’ll become a dragon forever.

Her solution? Big, hunky Hugh, the appointed guardian of her chastity. He’s clearly hot for her, but he has powerful reasons to resist Ryder. Can temptation—and love—possibly find a way?

WANTED: WILD THING was a sweet ending to a fun series about a paranormal dating agency. While I wasn't as thrilled by this one as I was for the previous books it still had its charm and amusing quirky character moments that I've come to enjoy in the Midnight Laisions series. Where the previous book featured mostly shifters and vampires WANTED: WILD THING put a bit more emphasis on fairies and revealed the big secret of Ryder, one of the employees of the Midnight Liaisons dating agency.  I would have liked to learn a bit more about fae culture but from the fae we meet I don't think it would be a very nice place to visit. Most of the plot revolves around Ryder trying to get out of being sold into slavery by the fae who have charged Hugh with the task of protecting her chastity. Unfortunately the every perky Ryder who has never been touched due to her fae nature reacting poorly to contact, connected very well with Hugh who has not had much human contact either over the years. I thought the plot of Ryder trying to lose her virginity while Hugh tries to protect it was an okay plot but I didn't feel that much urgency or tension as it seemed like such an easy and inevitable fix.

On the romance front, I liked Hugh and Ryder together. They seemed like a very sweet pair but I didn't feel any real heat between them. Sure there was romance and I loved that they were able to connect and relate to each other easily but there was just something missing between them for me. I thought Hugh was adorable. Hugh is a very old shifter and seeing him trying to understand modern day quirks was really hilarious especially his understanding of the pizza delivery man.

WANTED: WILD THINGS isn't really that great of a series end though I do wonder if this is actually the end as Jessica Sims's site says she will be writing another story. The world of this series is what I fell in love with and I really do hope there is one more book or some short stories to feed my appetite for this series. While this book was not great it was sweet and had all of the right elements I loved about the Midnight Liaisons series.




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