Review: His Secret Superheroine (St. Louis Superheroes #1) by Patricia Eimer

August 26, 2014 Review 1

Review: His Secret Superheroine (St. Louis Superheroes #1) by Patricia EimerHis Secret Superheroine by Patricia Eimer
Series: St. Louis Superheroes #1
Published by Entangled Covet on August 25, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romantic
Format: eBook
Pages: 200
Source: Publisher
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Kissing.
Reviewed by: Julia
2 Stars

All kindergarten teacher Peyton Pearson wants is a nice, quiet life. Unfortunately, quiet isn't something she's had a lot of after tainted medicine turns her into a superhero. She's single, and saving the city from criminals—which is increasingly dangerous as the anti-superhero movement in St. Louis gains traction. Then there's her hot next door neighbor who makes her think super-dirty thoughts, and has no idea who she really is.

Police officer Dylan Wilson is trying to make the world safe by working to unmask all superheroes. When his sexy neighbor, Peyton, is evicted, Dylan offers her his spare room, unknowingly opening his home—and his heart—to the city's most reluctant superhero.

Can love survive when the masks come off?

A fun, zany romance, HIS SECRET SUPERHEROINE gives the familiar "big secret" romance trope a superhero twist. With an underlying message about tolerance and risk, the surface of this story zips along with funny dialog and don't-need-super-sight-to-see-it-coming conflicts.

Peyton's initial "big secret", her alter ego as Fantastigirl, doesn't detract too much from the initial storyline. Or at least, having it out in the open that she's a superhero "sympathizer" while Dylan belongs to a right wing organization that wants supers registered gives page time to their essential conflict. Unfortunately, there were a few too many additional conflicts included that began to muddy the waters halfway through. His and hers matching ex spouses, blackmail, Superhero and Supervillian councils,  professional ethics... all of these elements tangled together like clumsy constructs rather than well developed parts of the world or plot, and often raised distracting questions that were not answered.  As a romance, Peyton and Dylan have great initial chemistry, but no payoff.  As a superhero story, the world building is thin and hard to believe in.  As a thriller, the action doesn't do much better than the romance.  While I enjoyed the characters and their dialog, there was no framework to support them.

Ultimately, however, my biggest disappointment was the relationship between Peyton and Dylan. Peyton has to become a victim before Dylan has a change in heart, and while she doesn't take him back easily, her sass re asserted itself a little for my tastes. A quick, funny read, HIS SECRET SUPERHEROINE is charming, but not without flaws.

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One Response to “Review: His Secret Superheroine (St. Louis Superheroes #1) by Patricia Eimer”

  1. Rhianna

    Great review! I actually loved this one myself but when I reviewed it I did point out it isn’t particularly inspired/original. Definitely rides on both romance and superhero comic tropes, but if a reader is into those it’s certainly worth them checking out I think. And you’re very right about the clumsy constructions of the world-building elements, I forgave them since it’s a category romance novel but if it had been single title I’d have definitely not been as lenient.