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A big welcome to Andrea Speed who is here to telling us about the Reverse Tooth Fairy and celebrating the release of City of Monsters,  (published on August 11, 2014 by Riptide Publishing). Want to win a a gift certificate for Riptide Publishing so you can get City of Monsters? Enter by leaving a comment on this post.


The Reverse Tooth Fairy


Andrea Speed


Thanks to All Things Urban Fantasy for having me today.

One intrepid human, namely Josh Caplan, the overnight clerk of the Quik-Mart, has started making a monster manual, cataloguing the creatures of Dev that he encounters in his work life. Today, I’m taking a page from his manual to introduce you to an odd creature, not talked about very often in other mythologies: the reverse tooth fairy.

Creature name: Reverse Tooth Fairy (I guess it should have some kind of Latin name, but I don’t speak Latin, and neither do they. What about Pestius Annoyus?)

General size and appearance: They’re tiny, I’ve never seen one bigger than five inches, and I’ve never been allowed to weigh one, but they have such tiny wings, I can’t imagine they’re very heavy. Otherwise they appear to be stocky humans with some kind of weird cosplayer wings on their back. As seen from far away.

Notable traits: To a man, they are foul mouthed, surly, and uncooperative. They seem to hate everything, and have no problem expressing their displeasure to everyone. And if my only power was changing metal coins into teeth (which is another form of currency in Dev, as some monsters don’t react well to metal), I might be a grumpy jackass too. But it isn’t their only power. Not only do they fly, but they are the only beings that I know of capable of traveling between dimensions under their own power. They have every right to be happy, but they’re not. They’re miserable bastards, unpleasant to be around. If you can avoid them, you should.

Weaknesses: Courtesy, joy, manners, fun. Also you could take ‘em out with a flyswatter or a shoe.

Strengths: Contempt, cursing, flying, popping in and out of dimensions like some kind of blight on living beings everywhere. Also, turning coins into teeth. Some of them carry wands, which it turns out are tiny taser like devices that release little bolts of electricity and sting like a wasp. They occasionally use them to kill dust bunnies, which are tiny creatures that look like lint, but are the insect equivalent of piranhas in Dev. So reverse tooth fairies do have some kind of reason to exist, beyond annoying me.

Random notes: All creatures, from zombies to werewolves, seem to be wary of them, suggesting their surly attitudes and stinging wands are known far and wide. I’ve never seen them interact with a yeti, so I don’t know if that would go well. I do know yetis will eat anything and everything, and I can’t see a reverse tooth fairy being any different. In fact, there’s one called Gary I wish a yeti would eat, and if I can at all arrange it, I will.

N.B.: As far as is known, this has yet to happen.

 Andrea Speed is known to spend hours trying to think up new spins on old monsters. If she could do nothing but dream up monsters all day, she probably would. She is currently seeking medication for this issue. She is also the author of the Infected series from DSP Publications, and the Josh of the Damned series from Riptide Publishing.

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 City of Monsters by Andrea Speed



Available on August 11, 2014 by Riptide Publishing


Hunter is a human turned animal shifter in Nightshade, a literal city of monsters in a near-Earth dimension called Dev. All sorts of beasts reside here, unable to return to Earth, yet still plagued by the same jealousies, rivalries, and needs of any human. Resolving them is Hunter’s job.

Hunter faces supernatural perils at every turn: vampire debt collectors who most decidedly don’t sparkle, werewolfs who literally piss on everything you love, and surprise shifters. And just like back on Earth, there are mundane struggles too. Like paying the rent—which isn’t easy for a guy with more vices than virtues—and keeping his haunted blender happy with pricey produce. So he takes a job from a foul-mouthed reverse tooth fairy to find her missing twin.

Just when things seem like they couldn’t get any worse, Hunter meets Sakari, a hot newcomer to Nightshade with a taste for danger. Will Sakari change Hunter’s bad luck, or will he only mean more trouble? Can Sakari help him solve his case? And how will Hunter explain the new man in his life to his blender? You can read an excerpt and purchase City of Monsters here.

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  1. Adara O'Hare

    I love the Josh of the Damned stories, so I’m looking forward to reading more about the dimension the creatures come from, and the haunted blender sounds entertaining. =)


  2. JenCW

    I liked the blurb and the cover. I’m adding this one to my TBR.

  3. Sula

    I have just got this vision of reverse tooth fairies actually knocking out teeth and then hiding the coins left by the tooth fairies, hmm I wonder?

    This looks like a fun read and I love urban fantasy where authors can twist traditional tales to their own making. A anti-hero fairy hunter and a foul mouthed reverse tooth fairy, a love interest, a greedy blender, hmm what an interesting concept.

    Thanks for a chance to win a Riptide giftcard 🙂

  4. Chris

    Great new fun from Ms. Speed! Lots of fun seeing the “other side of the coin”!

  5. Andrea V.

    Hey! Liked the blurb and idea behind this. I think she has pontential and plus, we have the same name 😉 Much love xx

    • Andrea V.

      How rude am I? Forgot to thank you for the giveaway and wish all of you the best of luck!