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A big welcome to Tiffany Allee who is here counting down her top ten favorite vampires and celebrating the release of Don’t Blackmail the VampireSons of Kane #2 (published on April 28, 2014 by Entangled (Covet)). 


Tiffany Allee’s Top 10 Favorite Vampires

It’s no secret that I love vampires. Like, maybe too much. And while I especially love the delicious ones (here’s looking at you Damon from TVD), I also love the scary ones, the badass ones, and well…pretty much all of them.

So here’s a list of my favorite vampires, mostly from books but also from movies and television. You guys don’t want to know how many I had on this list. Getting it down to 10(ish) was a challenge.

Not really in any order…


Stefan (Mercy Thompson books)

Stefan is sexy and mysterious for much of the Mercy Thompson series. And he’s also way less human-like than many of the vampires you read about. While he’s got his good points, you rarely forget that he’s something else. Speaking of good points, Stefan is Mercy’s friend rather than her love interest, and I really enjoy that.


Adrian (Bloodlines books)

Troubled, young(er than I’d like to admit), and super hot, I can’t help but like Adrian. I do wish that Sydney would get to smoochying him way more than she does now. 😉


Angel & Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Yes, this is cheating. No, I don’t care.


Eric & Pam (Southern Vampires books)

Again, I’m a big cheater, but hah! It’s too late to stop me now—this is already live. 😉

Eric has to be on any top vampire list. He’s just delectable. But I’m also super fond of Pam. She’s tough and loyal and doesn’t take crap from anyone.


Elijah (The Vampire Diaries show)

I’m a season or so behind on this show, but I love this mysteriously honorable Original. I also love Damon, but I’m sure he gets plenty of love on lists like this, so I’m going for the slightly less showy, yet equally intriguing, Elijah.


Selene (Underworld movies)

I want to be her. How ridiculously awesome is she?


Cat (Night Huntress)

Badass half-vamp who gets to hang out with Bones all the time? It’s gotta be good to be Cat.


David (The Lost Boys)

How cool was Kiefer Sutherland in this movie? Talk about taking vampires to an old school level of scary.


Criminy Stain (Wicked as They Come)

The world Criminy Stain lives in is unique and very cool, and he is just as special as the setting. Although I’m not sure I’d want to live in a world full of blud bunnies. I have a hard enough time keeping my cats from biting me.


Zsadist (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series)

*drops mic*


 CPA-turned-romance-author Tiffany Allee used to battle spreadsheets in Corporate America, and now concentrates on her characters’ battles to find love. Raised in small-town Colorado, Tiffany currently lives in Phoenix, AZ, by way of Chicago and Denver. She is happily married to a secret romantic who tolerates her crazy mutterings.

She writes about ass-kicking heroines and the strong heroes who love them. Her work includes the suspense-driven From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series which revolves around a group of paranormal cops solving crimes and finding love, and Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid, a lighthearted paranormal romance (Entangled Publishing).

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Don’t Blackmail the Vampire


Available on April 28, 2014 by Entangled (Covet)


Rachel Davis will do anything to get her sister out of a bad relationship with her fiancé. Even if it involves a few fibs, a little breaking-and-entering, and blackmailing the fiancé’s potential boss, Charles, for his help. So what if the handsome Charles happens to be a vampire?

Charles Wright has found the perfect way to trap the man threatening his brother’s wife: cozy up to him, get invited along on the skiing trip, and then search for incriminating evidence. How much better that audacious but gorgeous Rachel is just as eager to nail the bastard. As far as he’s concerned, there’s nothing wrong with a little blackmail between two consenting adults. Especially when it’s time for Rachel to pay up.

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43 Responses to “Top 10 List & Giveaway: Tiffany Allee’s Top 10 Favorite Vampires & win an Amazon gift card!”

  1. Melanie Simmons (@mlsimmons)

    I can’t believe you have Cat but not Bones. 🙂

    I haven’t read As Wicked As They Come yet. I keep meaning to, but somehow I never do. *ducks and hides*

    Great list.

  2. Aly P

    Oh my, I like at least 5 from your list… I am such a hussie!
    Congrats on your new release 🙂

  3. Shah Wharton

    Nice Top 10! I’d have added Louis (Ms Rice) and Clause (TVD), and number one would have been Dracula (aka Gary Oldman). *slurp! 🙂

  4. Margaret

    Tiffany, you must watch the Originals! Elijah is still a very commanding presence. Thanks for including Criminy! Everyone who loves vampires should read the Blud series. Such a great twist on the mythos. Plus rabbits, horses and rats are vampires too!

    • Tiffany Allee

      I’m definitely planning on it soon. One season of TVD to catch up on before I can start it, I think. And I loved Criminy, and such a unique world he lives in.

  5. Karin Anderson

    I love your list. Most of them are still on my TBR pile, but I can’t wait to read about them.

  6. Mervi Mustonen

    Great top 10! Half of them would be on my list, too. 😀

  7. EvelynS

    Great list!! Angel, Spike and Zadist. “sigh”

  8. Katrina T.

    Nice list. I would make space for Anne Rice’s Lestat. 🙂

  9. Jasmyn

    Yes!!! Underworld is amazing – I think every vampire lover would want to be her as well.

    • Tiffany Allee

      He’s so sweet and hurt and sigh. I haven’t read the latest book yet, but I’m so looking forward to it.

  10. Cali W.

    Great list of vampires! I love them all. <3 <3 Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Filia Oktarina

    I had read Mercy Thompson series, and i really like this series. Right now i am waiting new book from this series!!
    Do you think Stefan will come again on Night Broken ?
    Can’t wait to read it!! 🙂

  12. Tiffany Allee

    Thanks so much for the comments, all! Glad the list resonates. I had the hardest time getting it down to 10(ish). 😉

  13. Janet

    Talk about a blast from the past- Lost Boys was the first vampire movie I ever saw and I blame it for my current addiction 🙂

  14. Biki

    I’m so glad Stefan made the list! I just finished a Mercy book and fell jsut a bit more for him!

  15. Mirlou

    Great top 10!
    They are too many great Vampire.
    Thank you fr this giveaway.

  16. merry z.

    What a great top ten! And thanks so much for a chance at the giveaway!

  17. Lege

    Oh, this year I fell in love with another fictional vampire: Fort from M.L. Brennan’s American Vampire series. He is just adorkable.
    I also love Dimitri from Nalini Singh Guild Hunter series. She just writes yummy men, kind of hard to be immune.
    And for tv vampire I’d say Spike all the way…and I have to add Bones from J.Frost series because..well, I always thought of Bones as author’s nod to Spike. 😀

    • Tiffany Allee

      Oh I haven’t read the American Vampire series. Thanks for the add to my TBR!

      And I don’t think Singh can write a man I don’t adore. 😉

  18. Nancy L.R.

    I love this! You have some of my favorite vampires as well.
    Others I love, Ethan Sullivan, Merit,, Bones, Rhage, Ian and Vlad (both from Night Huntress)!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Krista

    Lol, that was a great ending. I would have to say that Bones is probably my favorite vamp. He’s not the body, brains, and humor.

  20. Barbara Elness

    What a great list, and most of those would be on my list too. I would add Lara Adrian’s Breed vampires to my list, I love her alien twist on the mythology. 😀

    • Tiffany Allee

      I haven’t yet gotten to these yet, but I hear great things. Now that you’ve mentioned an alien twist, I’ll have to bump them up the list. Sounds intriguing!

  21. Amy @ Book Loving Mom

    Great list!! I loved the first book, Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid, so I am excited to read this one. I have already purchased it, now to make time to read it. 🙂

  22. Erika

    Great list! I have to agree with at least half 🙂

  23. Krysten M

    That’s a great list.. mine is very similar 🙂

  24. BookAttict

    Great list, but mine list would include Bones, Dante Baptiste from Adrian Phoenix’s The Makers song series, Menessos from Linda Robertson’s Persephone Al;cmedi series and Wicked Truth (vampire twins) from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  25. Tashraven

    Great list! I also would have included Wicked Truth (Anita Blake), Ian (Night Huntress), Dimitri (Guild Hunter), and V (BDB).

  26. Edyta

    Thanks for reminding me of Selene. I love that movie. I feel a re-watch happening soon 😀

  27. Diane D.

    Hmm, I’m only really into a few of these, but my taste in UF/PNR is maybe a bit vanilla. (Maggie Shayne rather than Laurell K. Hamilton, for unmentioned examples.) I wish you’d shown the authors for all of the included book-based ones, BTW — I had to look up one series.
    N.B. I stopped watching “TVD” at least a season ago, but I can say I’m glad you picked Elijah rather than spoiled-brat Klaus or either of Elena’s flip-flopping love interests.
    P.S. I was planning to simply enter the giveaway, but I checked out your novella (DBtV), and it sounded like fun, so — big spender — I decided to risk a whole dollar on it. If it lives up to my hopes, I’ll be checking out your backlist for sure!

  28. Natalie Crossan

    What a fab giveaway 🙂 Adore buffy x