Review: The Kraken King Parts 3 & 4 (The Iron Seas #4.3 – 4.4) by Meljean Brook

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Review: The Kraken King Parts 3 & 4 (The Iron Seas #4.3 – 4.4) by Meljean BrookThe Kraken King Parts 3 & 4 by Meljean Brook
Published by InterMix on May 6, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk
Format: eBook
Pages: 180
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Julia
4 Stars

The Kraken King, Part III: The Kraken King and the Fox’s Den
Published April 29, 2014; 100 pages.

After a harrowing escape, Zenobia, Ariq, and their company take refuge in a gold rush town—but their temporary port is just a respite before traveling to the dangerous smugglers’ dens. Ariq is determined to uncover the men responsible for the threat to Krakentown, even if it means confronting the notorious den lords.

But when he discovers evidence in Zenobia’s letters connecting her to the Horde rebellion, he realizes that the threat is far greater than he had suspected. His loyalties torn, Ariq must distance himself from the fascinating woman he desperately wants to hold closer.

Stunned and hurt by Ariq’s inexplicable coldness, Zenobia prepares to leave the dens and continue her journey to the Red City. But in the smugglers’ dens, danger lurks around every corner, and all of her protection is gone…

The Kraken King Part IV: The Kraken King and the Inevitable Abduction
Published May 6, 2014; 80 pages.

The Kraken King has declared that Zenobia Fox is under his protection—and with her identity revealed, she needs that protection more than ever. But it comes with a price when Ariq demands that Zenobia reveal her secrets in return.

Ariq wants nothing more than for Zenobia to trust him, and he knows exactly which sensual tricks will breach her defenses. But although she urgently desires the powerful governor, Zenobia isn’t a woman who will be easily won with a few passionate kisses.

When his ambush goes awry, Ariq discovers just how deeply he can hurt her—but the real danger to Zenobia is one that he never expected…

With these two new additions to the THE KRAKEN KING serial adventure, Zenobia and Ariq are established, compelling, and off on their adventure.  Moving from the comfort of Ariq's encampment to the wider world, we get to see both Ariq's political savvy and the price of Zenobia's fame in action.  Zenobia and Ariq have an undeniable chemistry, but loyalties to respective loved ones mean their keeping all of that heat under wraps for much of this journey... but not all.

While it's common for two characters to resist attraction because of outside forces, the loyalties that divide Zenobia and Ariq are explored and supported in such a way that they add to the plot, rather than slow things down.  Whether in criminal enclaves of The Red City itself, Zenobia and Ariq dance around each other with spy vs. spy moves, striking sparks with every pass.  THE FOX'S DEN and THE INEVITABLE ABDUCTION both prove that the pressures of the outside world are a real and reasonable risk.  Even better, though, facing these risks brings their fears out of the shadows and Zenobia and Ariq into each other's arms.

Through each attack, abduction, and twist and turn, Zenobia and Ariq grow closer together and reveal their true natures.  THE INEVITABLE ABDUCTION is my favorite part to date, as so many secrets are revealed and these two characters get to show off their strengths.  Epic and romantic, THE KRAKEN KING is shaping up to be a romance to remember.

The Kraken King and the Fox's Den The Kraken King and the Inevitable Abduction

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