Review: Don’t Blackmail the Vampire (Sons of Kane #2) by Tiffany Allee

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Review: Don’t Blackmail the Vampire (Sons of Kane #2) by Tiffany AlleeDon't Blackmail the Vampire by Tiffany Allee
Series: Sons of Kane #2
Published by Entangled Covet on April 28, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 200
Source: Publisher
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Several sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kate
4 Stars

Rachel Davis will do anything to get her sister out of a bad relationship with her fiancé. Even if it involves a few fibs, a little breaking-and-entering, and blackmailing the fiancé's potential boss, Charles, for his help. So what if the handsome Charles happens to be a vampire?

Charles Wright has found the perfect way to trap the man threatening his brother's wife: cozy up to him, get invited along on the skiing trip, and then search for incriminating evidence. How much better that audacious but gorgeous Rachel is just as eager to nail the bastard. As far as he's concerned, there's nothing wrong with a little blackmail between two consenting adults. Especially when it's time for Rachel to pay up.

DON'T BLACKMAIL THE VAMPIRE was exactly what I would've expected as a sequel to DON'T BITE THE BRIDESMAID: cute, sweet romance with a dash of intrigue thrown in. It was a perfect length story for me to enjoy on one of those rainy April afternoons when I was cooped up inside.

Rachel and Charles were an adorable couple. Rachel was a bit frustrating in her insecurities, but her willingness to do anything to keep her sister happy (even something I maybe didn't approve of) made her a remarkably deep character for such a short story. I liked seeing her move past her issues to help make it work with Charles. Charles was great, obviously. A sexy vampire will always keep me involved, and he was definitely of the sexy variety. I enjoyed the way that Charles changed over the course of the story, from giving the reader the impression that he's this cool playboy type, to really caring for Rachel and wanting to make her happy.

I did have a few small issues. I thought that the resolution to the mystery was a bit weak and anti-climactic. After the mystery was used as a plot point to pull Rachel and Charles together, it should have been stronger, in my opinion. And due to the length of the story, I'm guessing, there wasn't much recap about book one. Though it wasn't super necessary to know what happened in book one, it does help with some of the character motivations and I feel like without that background some actions may not make a ton of sense. That doesn't mean it won't be enjoyable if you haven't read book one - after all, how frequently do most romance novels make complete sense? 😉 Besides, with less recap, there was more time to dive straight into Charles and Rachel's story.

Well plotted and paced, DON'T BLACKMAIL THE VAMPIRE is a fun, quick and entertaining read. While there are a few flaws, for the most part it's easy to get into the story and ignore the issues - mostly I didn't notice the few things I mentioned until after I had finished the book, so I don't feel they detract from the reading experience. Definitely pick it up if you're in the mood for a light-hearted vampire/human romance with some skiing and blackmail thrown in. I can't wait for the next book in the Sons of Kane series- DON'T BLACKMAIL THE VAMPIRE only made me more curious about these vampire brothers.

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  2. Don't Blackmail the Vampire
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