Giveaway: The First Book of Ore: The Foundry’s Edge by Cam Baity and Benny Zelkowicz

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Giveaway Alert courtesy of Cam Baity and Benny Zelkowicz celebrating the release of The First Book of Ore: The Foundry’s Edge, The Books of Ore #1 (published on April 15, 2014 by Disney Hyperion). Want to win a copy? Enter via the widget below.


2 copies of The First Book of Ore: The Foundry’s Edge


Available on April 15, 2014 by Disney Hyperion


For Phoebe Plumm, life in affluent Meridian revolves around trading pranks with irksome servant Micah Tanner and waiting for her world-renowned father, Dr. Jules Plumm, to return home. Chief Surveyor for The Foundry, a global corporation with an absolute monopoly on technology, Phoebe’s father is often absent for months at a time. But when a sudden and unexpected reunion leads to father and daughter being abducted, Phoebe and would-be rescuer Micah find themselves stranded in a stunning yet volatile world of living metal, one that has been ruthlessly plundered by The Foundry for centuries and is the secret source of every comfort and innovation the two refugees have ever known.

Cam Baity and Benny Zelkowicz have fashioned an intensely inventive, engaging, and thought-provoking tale of two worlds on a collision course and the two young rivals who find themselves on the front line. The Foundry’s Edge is the first book in a trilogy that will transport young readers down a mechanical rabbit hole and send them on an adventure that explores the hidden costs of indulgence, the perils of unchallenged nationalism, and the world-altering power of compassion and conviction.

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3 Responses to “Giveaway: The First Book of Ore: The Foundry’s Edge by Cam Baity and Benny Zelkowicz”

  1. Vanessa

    A world of living metal. WOW. That sounds pretty darn cool.