Review: Sailor Twain by Mark Siegel

April 18, 2014 Review 0

Review: Sailor Twain by Mark SiegelSailor Twain by Mark Siegel
Published by First Second on March 4, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Historical
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: Sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Julia
4 Stars

One hundred years ago. On the foggy Hudson River, a riverboat captain rescues an injured mermaid from the waters of the busiest port in the United States. A wildly popular—and notoriously reclusive—author makes a public debut. A French nobleman seeks a remedy for a curse. As three lives twine together and race to an unexpected collision, the mystery of the Mermaid of the Hudson deepens.

A mysterious and beguiling love story with elements of Poe, Twain, Hemingway, and Greek mythology, drawn in moody black-and-white charcoal, this new paperback edition of the New York Times Best-Selling graphic novel by author/illustrator Mark Siegel is a study in romance, atmosphere, and suspense. Don't miss Sailor Twain.

SAILOR TWAIN is a sensuous experience, from the rough paper petting the finger tips to the soft, blurred images seducing the reader into it's world.  After the first, mysterious chapter, it was Captain Twain himself that was my anchor.  Solid, loyal, hardworking... and so obviously drifting closer and closer to a maelstrom of seduction and magic.

It was just that haunting mix of romance and mythology that made SAILOR TWAIN impossible to put down.  The every day disappointments and losses of life were all the more piercing in their grief against a backdrop of supernatural dangers and creatures.  Despite the simplicity of the illustrations, I felt entirely immersed  in Captain Twain's world; I felt his dedication and lost dreams, his fascination and creative fire.  Siegel spins a seductive tale that had me second guessing what a happy ending could even look like, amidst the trade offs and complex longings of these characters.

Despite imagining so many possible endings, I was still taken by surprise.  I read the last chapter twice, then found myself back at the beginning, studying the opening with fresh eyes. A thought provoking, romantic tale, SAILOR TWAIN is a myth for our modern age.

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