Review: Golem in my Glovebox (Monster Haven, #4) by R.L. Naquin

April 24, 2014 Review 1

Review: Golem in my Glovebox (Monster Haven, #4) by R.L. NaquinGolem in My Glovebox by R.L. Naquin
Published by Carina Press on April 21, 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 218 pages
Source: Author
Sexual Content: some sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
4 Stars

A Monster Haven Story, book four

In her role as Aegis, Zoey Donovan has rescued and cared for hundreds of monsters and mythical creatures. Now humans are the ones in need of her help. Someone with a personal vendetta against the Board of Hidden Affairs has kidnapped all the other Aegises in the country--including Zoey's mother.

With the Hidden government in shambles and a string of deadly clues to follow, Zoey and her reaper boyfriend set out on a cross-country chase to stop the kidnapper from killing the captured Aegises. Along the way, they pick up a miniature golem who's on a quest to find his humanity...and may be the key to solving the grisly clues.

If Zoey succeeds in defeating this new evil, she'll finally be reunited with the mother she lost over twenty years ago. But if she fails, she'll become the final victim.

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GOLEM IN MY GLOVEBOX is a wonderful addition to the Monster Haven series which has always been delightfully quirky and fun with some truly touching moments that make these characters seem all the more real. The story has a different feel to it as it takes place on a long road trip and because of that road trip to find the missing Aegises the pace of the story is in constant motion as Zoey tries to find her mother. Aside from the rush to find the kidnapper, the quirky fun of roadside attractions and tacky souvenirs GOLEM IN MY GLOVEBOX serves us a heaping side of creepy.  Its a testament to some fine writing that the creepy big bad's murders balanced so well with the sweetness and determination of Zoey and her friends. I loved getting caught up in the drama of the overarching story that I've grown increasingly fond of over the course of this series.

On the character front we get the familiar cast of characters; all of whom I would love to read about in their own stories. I love learning more and more about the lives and cultures of the Hidden. We get introduced to a lot of new Hidden and the variety of Hidden never ceases to amaze and amuse me. I have to admit that I spent some time while reading this book trying to figure out just how an 'under the bed monster' lives under the bed.

With GOLEM IN MY GLOVEBOX we get pulled into a fully realized and entertaining world with some awesomely faithful and talented characters. I laughed, cheered, gasped and generally had tons of fun going on this journey with Zoey and her friends.

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  1. JenM

    Glad to hear that this book is keeping up the standard for this series. I’m looking forward to reading it. The blend of sweet, funny and creepy is hard to pull off and not for every reader, but the author does it so well in this series.