Review: Dancing with Dragons (DRACIM #2) by Lorenda Christensen

April 21, 2014 Review 0

Review: Dancing with Dragons (DRACIM #2) by Lorenda ChristensenDancing with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen
Series: DRACIM #2
Published by Carina Press on March 17, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 184
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Several non-explicit sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kate
3 Stars

If Carol Jenski knows anything, it's fashion—and it's not in fashion to consort with dragons, even though they've coexisted with humans since World War III. Still, she would never have agreed to take part in a plot against them. Now a dragon lord has called for her head, her boyfriend is MIA and she's been abandoned in a foreign country.

Only reporter Daniel Wallent is on Carol's side...sort of. He offers his assistance if she helps him investigate his latest story. He'll need Carol's language skills to infiltrate in the organization run by one of the most dangerous and secretive dragons in the world.

Escaping one sociopathic dragon's claws only to walk into another's is an insane risk—and so is falling for Daniel. Posing as his blushing—and very affectionate—new bride as cover soon leads to an all-too-real attraction. But fighting off dragons and her desire for Daniel may be more of a challenge than Carol can handle..

DANCING WITH DRAGONS, the second book in the DRACIM series, follows in the footsteps of it's slightly spunkier predecessor - it's got dragons, predictable action, and romance. All of these things are obvious. Having the two main characters be humans though really changed the dynamic from NEVER DEAL WITH DRAGONS, and left me a little disappointed.

I really enjoy the DRACIM world, as it is a very different setting from most paranormal romances these days. The dragons and dragon politics didn't feel as prominent in this book, however, as the book obviously focused on the relationship between Carol and Daniel, two humans. Carol was DANCING WITH DRAGONS' saving grace. Christensen clearly knows how to write a great heroine. Carol was enjoyable to read, put in a crummy position due to previous bad taste in men, but she just kept persisting, doing whatever it took to get her name cleared. She's smart, and that definitely shows through. Plus, she wasn't wishy-washy, she acted when necessary, and she never gave the impression of fawning after Daniel. Daniel isn't ever going to achieve book boyfriend status but he was a good hero. He was polite, nice to Carol, and really sweet. Their relationship evolved over such a short amount of time that I had a hard time buying it, but the moments between them were tender and cute, which definitely helped me gloss over the time period.

One issue I had with NEVER DEAL WITH DRAGONS persisted in DANCING WITH DRAGONS - there was a serious tendency toward predictability. In a romance novel that can be good, or bad, depending on what how you're feeling that day. Luckily, this time around, it started getting less predictable about halfway through, which I appreciated, since the ending I had predicted was not as good as the real ending.

Hopefully I get another chance with the DRACIM series - I'm kind of in love with Christensen's heroines and I really love the dragons. Plus, with the improvement in plotting over book one, I can see this series only getting better.

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