Review: Werewolf in Las Vegas (Wild About You #6) by Vicki Lewis Thompson

March 4, 2014 Review 0

Review:  Werewolf in Las Vegas (Wild About You #6) by Vicki Lewis ThompsonWerewolf in Las Vegas by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: Wild About You, #6
Published by Signet Select on March 4, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 321 pages
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: some sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

Win it all, or lose it all…

Giselle Landry is in Las Vegas to haul her wayward brother back home. But casino owner Luke Dalton is also looking for her brother, who has run off with his little sister. The two should join forces, but Luke is unaware that Giselle’s brother is also fleeing his duties as the future alpha of the Landry werewolf pack—which includes his Were bride.

The Landrys don’t believe in Weres mating with humans, and Giselle is no exception. Though Luke is wealthy, gorgeous, and protective, Giselle can’t let herself get close to him, even to solve their shared dilemma. But the tension wears away her resistance, and after a wild night with Luke, she is shocked to find she’s fallen for him.

But Luke still doesn’t know Giselle’s true identity. And once their siblings are found, Giselle must return to San Francisco. Can they overcome the odds—or will what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas?

While I enjoyed WEREWOLF IN LAS VEGAS for the main character's adorable relationship, most of the plot and characterization involved some serious suspension of disbelief in regards to business dealings and maturity level of 20somethings. The fact that someone could lose a business off of one poker game is pure fantasy even for a book where werewolves exist. I would think that with boards of directors and numerous checks and balances usually in place this sort of thing would be near impossible to do. Were it possible I would love to challenge Bill Gates to a game of Go Fish.

On the character front I liked Giselle and Luke.  They worked well together and they had noble if not completely correct intentions for their siblings. They helped each other out looking for their wayward siblings and in doing so learned from each other in regards to their expectations of their family members. They have a fun buildup to their romance which culminates in a sex scene in which they commit delicious crimes against chocolate. While doing unforgivable things to my favorite dessert I adored the absolute messiness and fun of their escapade.

In regards to Giselle and Luke's wayward siblings I was pretty dissatisfied. Luke's 22 year old sister came off as unreasonable and immature especially after the numerous childish pranks she pulls to essentially convince Luke to let her follow her showgirl dreams. Granted Luke is reasonably apprehensive about it but couldn't this have been solved with a talk, some compromise and not the pages of wild goose chases and silly pranks Luke is force to go on just to talk to her? Giselle's brother who is on the lam and skirting his duties as a future Alpha of his pack comes off as kind of immature too especially in his going along with the overly elaborate pranks. Neither of these characters were very likeable and came off as spoiled brats.

WEREWOLF IN LAS VEGAS is fluffy and cute with an adorable romance the likes of which  I've come to look forward to with the Wild About You series but I had some serious issues with some of the characters and storyline logic that left me wanting. Hopefully the next book in the ever charming Wild About You series will be better.

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