Early Review: Witch Interrupted by Jody Wallace

February 18, 2014 Review 1

Early Review: Witch Interrupted by Jody WallaceWitch Interrupted by Jody Wallce
Series: Shifter World, #2
Published by Carina Press on February 24, 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 300 pages
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: graphic sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kristina
5 Stars

Two decades ago, assassin Katherine Zhang faked her death to escape the Keepers, a secret council of witches who use magic to kill those who pose a threat to their kind. Once a powerful Keeper, she lives a solitary—but peaceful—life as a tattoo artist. Until a strange, handsome lone wolf named Marcus Delgado walks into her shop.

Marcus has his own reasons to hate the Keepers. A scientist who sacrificed himself to test the fragile boundaries between witch and wolf, he believes there's a way to harness the combustible power between the two species. If he succeeds, he'll be protected from the Keepers, but he needs a willing partner—and the delicious Katie just might be the perfect test subject.

Katie knows working with a wolf, an adversary she's undeniably attracted to, is a dangerous proposition...no matter how tempting she finds Marcus's proposal. But when a common enemy from their past threatens them both, working together might be the only option.

Along with a rollicking good and at times hilarious story WITCH INTERRUPTED puts a keen twist on werewolf and witch mythology that is so different from what I'm used to that I had to go back and re-read sections just to get it all straight. The fact that I had to go back is not a criticism so much as a comment on how attached to the storyline and characters I was by the first few chapters that I wanted to really get what was going on. I loved the way in which the two races (witches and werewolves) have common ground magically speaking and how intricate witch society is.

On the romance front I really liked getting a break from the classic 'fated mates' scenario that most werewolf stories have. Not having to hear the word 'mate' multiple times was refreshing and actually made the story actually more grounded in reality with two people who are just really attracted to each other due to hormones and not necessarily fate.

Katie and Marcus' wonderfully amusing love-hate relationship is the highlight of WITCH INTERRUPTED. Their relationship has its typical ups and downs of a typical paranormal romance couple and hilarious situations that had me giggling at the oddity of these two having anything in common. Occasional giggling aside, I enjoyed learning about their sordid pasts and how they eventually learn to work together against a common enemy. They work well as a team when not trying to undermine or spontaneously kidnap each other. I adored that Marcus was a scientist, helping to make scientists and scientific experiments sexy. He is super smart, creative, and at times a touch clueless in terms of his relationship with Katie but makes up for it with some really creative bedroom techniques (most of which involve some sexy scientific method talk).

WITCH INTERRUPTED brings sexy back to science and plays around with the typical werewolf/witch mythology with a fast paced plot that will leave you smiling by the end of the book.

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