Review: Reflected (Silver #3) by Rhiannon Held

February 20, 2014 Review 0

Review: Reflected (Silver #3) by Rhiannon HeldReflected Series: Silver #3
on Published February 18th 2014 by Tor Books
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: References to sex.
Reviewed by: Julia
3 Stars

Falling in love in a werewolf pack leads to some very bad choices in this new novel from the author of Silver.

Rhiannon Held continues the secret lives of the werewolf packs that live and hunt alongside human society in Reflected, the third book of the series that began with her debut novel, Silver. Silver and her mate Andrew Dare are pack leaders of the entire North American werewolf population, and that makes the more traditional packs in Europe very nervous indeed. It’s getting hard to hide from human surveillance.

A fantastic addition to the urban fantasy world, the Silver series adds a hint of magic to a robust and realistic world.  More than just battling villains and hooking up, these books deal with disability, loss, prejudice, and power struggles on both the global and family level.  Held's characters are immeasurably enriched by their wolf-selves, but their struggles and feelings are firmly grounded in a familiar, human world.

Each of the books in this series has surprised me in different ways, and while all were well-written and enjoyable, REFLECTED had some structural issues that I struggled with.  This story centers around Silver as Alpha and Felicia finding her way as a young woman in the pack.  Intellectually, I love that this book is very much about holding power as a woman, balancing family and authority, and the realistic struggle for respect and cohesiveness. Emotionally, however, I didn't like Felicia very much at all, and never engaged with the (many) sections from her point of view.  Felicia's insecurities and dissatisfaction drives her  for the first half of the book, and though she shows growth and potential, I never warmed to her.

With this series, it's clear that Silver, with her injuries and strengths, is far and away my favorite character, and so I am not surprised that Felicia had a hard time sharing the spotlight with her.  I struggled to pick a rating for REFLECTED, as I enjoyed Silver and the concept of the story much more than Felicia and her plot-line.  I love this series, and will definitely be back for more, but readers who prefer Silver as much as I do may find that REFLECTED leaves you wanting more.

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