Review: Killer Frost (Mythos Academy #6) by Jennifer Estep

February 25, 2014 Review 0

Review: Killer Frost (Mythos Academy #6) by Jennifer EstepKiller Frost by Jennifer Estep
Series: Mythos Academy #6
Published by Kensington on February 25, 2014
Genres: YA Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Source: NetGalley
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Minimal, kissing
Reviewed by: Libbie
4 Stars

I’ve battled the Reapers of Chaos before–and survived. But this time I have a Bad, Bad Feeling it’s going to be a fight to the death … most likely mine.

Yeah, I’ve got my psychometry magic, my talking sword, Vic–and even the most dangerous Spartan on campus at my side, in Logan freaking Quinn, but I’m no match for Loki, the evil Norse god of chaos. I may be Nike’s Champion, but at heart, I’m still just Gwen Frost, that weird Gypsy girl everyone at school loves to gossip about.

Then someone I love is put in more danger than ever before, and something inside me snaps. This time, Loki and his Reapers are going down for good … or I am.

It’s never an easy thing to sit down and review the last book in a series. It’s even harder when it’s a series like Mythos Academy, when the previous five books have all been leading up to this moment…and you don’t want to spoil anyone.

For all the buildup, KILLER FROST did not disappoint. There were a few moments of tension, a jaw drop or two, and at least one impulse to yell “put it together, girl!” Gwen’s sarcasm was in full force, as was her headstrong take-no-shit attitude. Sometimes to her benefit, but there was a time or two I wanted to just give her a little shake, positive that headstrong was going to lead straight to heartache. No, I’m not going to tell you if the heartache came or didn’t.

I didn’t notice as much epithet use as in previous books and that was a definite improvement. In KILLER FROST there was more use of character names rather than their warrior type, which danced on the line of over-use in previous books. Along with that, I also didn’t notice even one mention of her oft-repeated phrase about Gwen being the Gypsy girl who touched things. Whether it was deliberate for the character – Gwen finally coming into her own and accepting that she’d moved beyond that – or simply author choice, I’m can’t say. I’m leaning towards the former, though. Because if there’s one thing Gwen was in KILLER FROST, it was much stronger and more self-assured.

I think what I’ve loved most about the Mythos Academy series as a whole is how consistent the characters have been throughout. Yes, the characters grow and change as things happen to them, as they should, but the fundamentals and phrasing, even mannerisms, haven’t been lost. Their experiences fighting Loki have shaped them, physically and emotionally, yes, but each character is still unique unto themselves. Not an easy task with a cast as large as this.

The closest I’ll get to a spoiler is this – if you’re worried you’ll never find out what the deal is with Raven, rest easy.

In the end, KILLER FROST is a wholly satisfying end to the series. I agree with the author’s end note about it feeling bittersweet. I stumbled onto the series though a “Customers who bought this also bought” Amazon recommendation and have been hooked ever since. It’s weird not to be adding the next installment onto my TBR list, but I’m more than content with the conclusion and will most likely be reading a section or two over again.

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