Paranormal Picks: Valentine’s Day Edition

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day we decided to share our favorite, most romantic/sexiest/steamiest paranormal romances and couples. It was a tough job but we managed to do it. So if you are looking for a good book to curl up with tomorrow; read our list and share with us your favorite paranormal romance or couple.



So despite the fact that this post was my idea, and picking books was the point….I’ve picked some of my favorite paranormal couples! (It’s hard to narrow series down to one book!)

Banishing the DarkCady and Lon in the Arcadia Bell series – Cady and Lon are one of my favorite book couples, paranormal or otherwise. Not only are they super attractive together, but their relationship, with their big age difference, the ex-wife’s family not completely out of the picture, and Lon’s teenage son feels so real! Relationships aren’t all two hot sexy perfect people getting together – there’s baggage and society’s standards and all that!

Sixth Grave on the EdgeCharley and Reyes in the Charley Davidson series – No spoilers, but the post it note that Reyes left Charley at the end of book five? Killer, right? Charley and Reyes have this whole on and off again thing going on, but when it’s on, it is on. And smoking hot. The scenes where Reyes visits Charley in her dreams are some of the most sexy I’ve read.


Inked MagicSteamiest – Inked Magic – Jory Strong Mix the fae, tattoos, two very alpha males and one beguiling woman and wrap that up with a little boundary stretching and you’ve got Inked Magic. What I loved most is that while Eamon and Cathal are alpha males, Etain’s also an alpha female – she makes no promises to either man and enjoys them both (in one very hot scene…at the same time.) Mix that with a wonderfully complex mystery and it’s one wild, hot ride. So to speak.

The Indigo Spell
Romantic – The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines #3) by Richelle Mead
 Not going to lie, I love the whole Bloodlines series, and loved the Vampire Academy series before it, and the most recent Bloodlines book had its share of romance, but The Indigo Spell was one of the most romantic books I’ve read in a while. Whether it was Sidney coming to accept what her heart already knew, or Adrian’s faith that she would and his own efforts to be the man (okay, vampire) worthy of her. It’s a story of two people becoming who they were meant to be…while at the same time, finding out that they compliment each other in every way.


Play of PassionPlay of Passion by Nalini Singh – I have a few of the Psy-Changling series books that I love but this one was probably my favorite with Drew and Indigo and their very charming dance to finally getting together already. I also possibly picked this one due to the delicious dinner scene that involved chocolate cake and a private room in the back of a restaurant.

The SpiderElemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep – As much as Owen and Gin’s relationship frustrates me from time to time I still love them together. Their relationship is messy and complex like ones in real life and the more complex it gets the stronger they become as a couple. It works for me and I enjoy seeing both Owen and Gin grow together.


Magic Strikes

Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews – The relationship between Kate Daniels and Curran is a slow build over several books.  Two formidable individuals, their interactions are mostly head kicking and growls for awhile.  MAGIC STRIKES contains my favorite scenes, even though it precedes them actually getting together.  Kate continues to operate as a free agent, but Curran finally forces her to let him help.  And when these two are on the same side, look out.  I love this book as much for the fight on the arena floor as for the hot tub scene.  This romance of equals is built to last.


Fever series by Karen Marie Moning – Mac and Barrons, oh my sweet heavens.  If Kate and Curran were a slow burn, Mac and Barrons were a bombshell I never saw coming.  While we get a taste of the sexy stuff in DREAMFEVER, Mac’s transformation in SHADOWFEVER stabs me in the heart every time.  Bathed in fire and badass beyond belief, Mac and Barrons are prefect for each other, flaws and all.


Soulless The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger – As a life-long fan of romantic comedies, I’m always drawn to stories about couples that exchange witty banter. Who could resist a gruff, ill-mannered Scottish werewolf falling for a soulless, sharp-tongued, no-nonsense lady of adventure. There are a number of adorable beta couples scattered throughout the series as well, and though the sweetest and saddest doesn’t come to light until the last novel, with characters who are functionally immortal, there’s always hope.

 Night Circus by Erin Morganstern – I’d say love/hate relationships are my favorite, but every so often I get caught up in a tragic, doomed romance. Pitted against one another in a magical battle that takes place at the mysterious Le Cirque des Reves, Celia and Marco turn their competition into an exchange of magical love letters. The way they express themselves in images and ideas is beautiful and haunting.


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  1. Mina

    I’m totally with Julia: Kate and Curran and Mac and Barrons! Those two couples cannot be topped. Just. Not. Possible.