Review: The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry (Accidentally Friends #8) by Dakota Cassidy

December 7, 2013 Review 0

Review: The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry (Accidentally Friends #8) by Dakota CassidyThe Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry by Dakota Cassidy
Series: Accidentally Friends #8
Published by Berkley on December 3, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Several descriptive sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kate
3 Stars

He’s in a furry situation.

Accountant Harry Ralph Emerson has always been a by-the-numbers kind of guy. But when he finds himself trapped at work sprouting an obscene amount of hair, he knows his odds for maintaining normalcy are zero to none. After a frantic internet search, Harry goes through the OOPS—Out in the Open Paranormal Support—checklist and comes to a disheartening conclusion: He’s turning into a werewolf and he needs help ASAP.

She might be the only solution.

Werewolf Mara Flaherty has long carried a torch for Pack Cosmetics’s sexy single accountant, even after her attempt to seduce him went down in flames. When her sister-in-law, Marty, shows up to handle Harry’s OOPS emergency, she tasks Mara with showing the hirsute hottie the ropes. But Mara knows Harry’s condition is a result of her lab experiment gone wrong—and the previously mild-mannered object of her affection is about to give her a piece of his mind…

THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF 2: SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY is a cute and lighthearted paranormal romance. The eighth book in the Accidentally Friends series, SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY doesn’t leave a reader feeling like they’re jumping in at the middle of the series, and the sense of humor and quirky characters make this book an easy and fast read.

Mara and Harry, the heroine and hero of the story are both really great characters. Mara was super smart and logical, very loyal to her friends, and just a genuinely good all around person (werewolf!). Harry didn’t fit the typical paranormal romance hero “mold,” that is, he wasn’t an alpha male by any means- instead, he was a bit lost and confused, recently the guardian of two young children and making a transition into a creature he had no clue existed. They were good for each other, and I especially liked how Mara and the rest of the crew formed relationships with the children. The characters other than Mara and Harry are great, for example, Nina, the grumpy vampire, Carl, the vegetarian zombie, and Guido, the incompetent witch doctor, and they all round out the story wonderfully.

One of the issues, admittedly small, that I had with SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY was the use of pop culture references. For example, there were multiple references to TV shows like Revenge and The Walking Dead. While that’s all well and good right now, in a few years, those shows will probably be canceled and nobody will get the references anymore. As it is, since I don’t watch The Walking Dead, there was a joke that I’m pretty sure I didn’t get. My biggest issue was that the ending of SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY was quick and the external conflict was resolved in a very convenient way. It’s hard to go into details without spoiling anything, but while there was some tension at the end, it was also frustrating that part of the conflict was basically swept underneath the rug after being a large part of the story.

All in all, SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY was a fun read- similar in style and sense of humor to other paranormal romances by writers like Molly Harper and Vicki Lewis Thompson. And now, I definitely want to go back and pick up the first in the Accidentally Friends series, THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF, which has  been sitting on my shelf forever!

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