Review: Redemption (Soul #1) by C. J. Barry

November 9, 2013 Review 1

Review: Redemption (Soul #1) by C. J. BarryRedemption by C.J. Barry
Series: Soul #1
Published by Forever Yours on October 1, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Source: NetGalley
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Detailed sex scenes
Reviewed by: Libbie
4 Stars

Reya Sinclair is the last person a man sees before he dies. As a Redeemer, she offers the soon-to-be-departed one last chance to atone for their sins. It's a painful job, but it's her only shot to secure her own salvation. She won't let anyone stand in her way-not even a ruggedly sexy cop hot on her trail. Bound by her duty, Reya must shake him before he ruins her . . . but her heart can't seem to let him go.

Detective Thane Driscoll has watched too many criminals get away. The man who murdered his father was no exception. Now Thane carries out his own brand of justice, even if it means compromising his soul. When a string of deaths leads him to a beautiful woman in black, he discovers there's more to his father's murder than meets the eye.

As fate brings them closer together, Thane discovers that only Reya's touch can calm his rage. Racing to uncover an evil plot, they must fight together to stop the coming storm. But when the time comes, can Reya sacrifice her own redemption to save Thane?

There’s always a natural assumption, I think, when you read anything to do with souls or redemption that there will be a religious element to it. REDEMPTION lives up to that expectation but not in a way I found overly preachy. It’s more focused on a struggle between light and dark, choices and free will rather than an advertisement for church. Anyone with a penchant for angel-themed or reincarnation stories will definitely enjoy REDEMPTION, but there’s also an element to the world building reminiscent of THE HOST, which surprised me in a good way.

It’s hard to discuss Reya as heroine without also talking about Thane. I think it’s one of the things I enjoyed most about REDEMPTION. I started out fairly ambivalent about them both and for good reason. I don’t want to say they were unlikeable, but their characters were cold; both doing what they had to do, or felt the need to do, in their own lives. The shifts in their characters are so subtle and woven into the plot to such a degree that it’s not until the end that you see them fully.  And what an end it is.

The secondary characters fleshed the story out well – from Thane’s partner to Reya’s envoy to the bad guy. Though, to be honest, Surt struck me more as Dr. Evil than Moriarty in his plan to bring the whole thing down. He was plenty evil and cold, he just wasn’t very effective at it. In a sense, it rang more convenient bells than anything else.

The story stayed with me long after finishing it. Not quite into the realm of book hangover, but I replayed moments and scenes in my mind and even went back to reread a few of them. I’m intrigued about where the Soul series will go from here and how the dynamic will change for Reya now that she’s turned a complete 180 from where she was on page 1. I’m definitely on board for the next book in the series.

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  1. Megan @ The Book Babe's Reads

    This sounds like it was a good read! Raya and Thane sound… interesting. 😉 I love that the secondary characters were well fleshed out – I love that in a novel! I hope that you enjoy the next book in the series just as much as you enjoyed this one. Awesome review! 🙂