Review: Bittersweet Magic (The Order #2) by Nina Croft

November 14, 2013 Review 0

Review: Bittersweet Magic (The Order #2) by Nina CroftBittersweet Magic by Nina Croft
Series: The Order #2
Published by Entangled Publishing on November 11, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Pages: 300
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: Sex scenes
Reviewed by: Kate
4 Stars

Roz has been indebted to the demon Asmodai for five hundred years, and her freedom is just around the corner. All she has to do is complete one last task for him—obtain a key that had been hidden in a church centuries ago.

Piers, the Head of the Order and an ancient vampire, is intrigued by the woman who comes to him for help. She’s beautiful and seemingly kind, but she’s hiding something. And he’ll find out who she is and what she really wants once he uses his power to get inside her head. But Piers has no idea that Roz is immune to his mind-control...or that he is simply a pawn in her dangerous mission for freedom.

As I’ve been waiting for BITTERSWEET MAGIC since about three minutes after I finished BITTERSWEET BLOOD, the first book in The Order series, I  think we can easily say I was pretty excited to read this book. Luckily, even though I had a few issues with BITTERSWEET MAGIC, it lived up to my expectations for it, and I was completely enthralled by Roz and Piers, and now I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Roz is the exact opposite of a heroine than Tara, from BITTERSWEET BLOOD. Where Tara was naive and sheltered, Roz has nothing of that- she’s quite tough and has no problem lying through her teeth to get what she wants. I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve been around for four or five centuries, though. I admired Roz’s loyalty and fierce protectiveness towards those who got into a sticky situation because of her- if she had been able to just leave them to their own devices, I would have thought less of her as a character.

Then we have Piers- bad boy extraordinaire! However, my biggest complaint is related to him. Twice he took blood from Roz without her permission. Now, obviously vampires do this in books all the time- but I think it bothered me because it was our heroine. It just seemed like an unnecessary invasion on Piers’ part, and it rubbed me the wrong way. But otherwise, we find out more about Piers’ history, and while he’s almost as scary as he was in book one, we also see a bit of a softer side to him where Roz is concerned. The two of them together have great chemistry, and there is minimal agonizing over the relationship (oh I want him but he’s so bad, etc etc) which I appreciated.

I would have liked to see more world building, since there is so much going on that I’d love to get an idea of what else inhabits the world of The Order series, especially since a fourth dimension- heaven- was just introduced in BITTERSWEET MAGIC, rather casually, without much explanation. We did get more history about the demon and fae wars and why they’re so at odds with each other, which was interesting but just left me wanting more!

All in all, BITTERSWEET MAGIC gave me exactly what I expected (and wanted). With Roz and Piers, we get some super sexy moments, plus there’s action and mystery all set in an interesting world. And now, with two spectacular books in The Order series, I’m wondering who’s up next? Caleb, the werewolf head of The Order’s security? Graham, Piers’ assistant? So long as there’s another book, I’ll be happy!

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