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One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress, #2)Welcome to the next Night Huntress Read Along! It’s been tons of fun so if you missed our last discussion on HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE click here to catch up.

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                                        Release Day Review: January 28—UP FROM THE GRAVE

Jeaniene’s ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE (Surprising!!!) Tidbit:

One Foot In The Grave had the biggest revision from the version I first wrote to what appeared on the shelves in 2008. **Spoiler warning for readers who haven’t read this yet!**For starters, originally, there was over a seven year gap between the time Cat left Bones and when they were reunited (published version was only four years). Secondly – and I’ve never revealed this in public before – Cat’s relationship with Noah, her “rebound guy,” was also much more serious. Because of Cat’s grief when Dave died, plus the extended time difference and the impact it had on her loneliness/determination to get over Bones, in the original version, she made a terrible decision and eloped with Noah right after Dave’s death. So when Bones finally tracked her down, Cat was married, which made their reunion at Denise’s wedding even more problematic.

 Of course, when my editor read this draft, she said (paraphrasing for succinctness) “Oh, HELL no!” and then proceeded to explain how this would not go over well with readers. Since I’d written the book long before I even sold my first novel, and thus well before Halfway To The Grave released, reader reaction had never occurred to me ;). My editor then further detailed how it wasn’t even a good love triangle because everyone knew Cat’s relationship with Noah was doomed since she was still in love with Bones (not to mention she never loved Noah to begin with.) So having Cat marry Noah in a knee-jerk grief reaction wouldn’t better the plot, and it would only lessen the emotional impact when Cat and Bones made their vampire vows at the end of One Foot In The Grave.

Once I considered all those things, I agreed and revised. The result was cutting out about 20K words from the beginning of One Foot that was Cat’s relationship with Noah (including meeting his parents and crashing their car!) I agree that the result was a much better story, although one day, I might release that chunk of One Foot as a “behind the scenes” free tidbit, if I can find that version from so many years ago.

Our impressions:

Julia:  Cat and Bones, back on track! I like Cat with four years of seasoning under her belt (though yes, Kate, she still seems hella young). Mainly I like that she’s started to trust Bones.  I mean, c’mon, it’s BONES.  My continued issue with this series is that the world building around the main characters always seems a little light, as if a spotlight follows them through the gloom and everything outside the light disappears as soon as they pass. This syndrome also impacts secondary characters, who take awhile to emerge as three dimensional. Don, for example, is still on the cusp of feeling “human” at the end of book two.

Side note, this installment of the series reveals that Bones is not Spike, but rather, Superman, as he can fly and is faster than a speeding bullet (ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound still not validated, as he was distracted by epic sexing of Cat before said ability could be tested).

I found Ian intriguing, despite being kind of rapey, and was a little disappointed to have the door slammed on any and all alternate supernatural dating so early in the series.  How will Cat and Bones keep the spark alive?

Kate: So I really hope everybody got to the end of this one because I would just like to comment on how ridiculously young Cat still feels! The whole challenging Max stunt was terrible and it always makes my stomach sink a little. Also, it is frustrating that we miss out on about four years of Cat’s development – especially because it doesn’t feel like she is four years older. And, it would have been cool to see how her interactions with her team evolved into what they were in the book.

Still, I love how Bones and Cat get back together, and this book makes it clear the series is focused on their relationship (after skipping the four years where they were apart), if you hadn’t already gotten that impression from book one.

Kristina: That four year time jump was pretty big! I would have also liked to see some of Cat’s work in those four years. But yes I agree that she seems so young compared to the Cat we know today. Julia-I am going to be sacrilegious and say I almost wish for less epic sexing just for a demonstration of Bones leaping a tall building. That man sure has stamina. I know immortal vampires all have amazing stamina but seriously I was tired after reading their epic sexing. I feel like this book kind of gets the ball rolling in regards to the overarching storyline and setting up most of the characters we know and love. Okay except Vlad. He hasn’t been introduced yet and I am eagerly awaiting his introduction.

Favorite scenes/quotes:

Julia:  A huge deal is made of a particular sexual encounter between Cat and Bones in this book, but to be honest, it wouldn’t have even raised my eyebrow if I hadn’t known it was coming.  Frost wants to show the limits that supernatural sex can go to, and I think she does a great job.  If you have a tireless lover that could erase all soreness with a drop of blood, would you ever stop?  As established in the Twilight series, vampires take sex very, very seriously and apply themselves to it very, very diligently.  I respect that in an undead creature.

Kate: Anytime when Bones and Cat’s mom, Justine, are verbally going at it. I just LOVE it when he can make her speechless. (The bathroom scene at the wedding is a favorite.)

Kristina: While I appreciate the epic undead sexing by Bones I am going to say that I loved the scene in Ian’s house. Its has everything: tension, twists, smack talk, and an awesome fight scene with Cat. Also we need a moment of silence for another one of Cat’s poor human boyfriend’s. At least Nate was given a mind wipe.


Questions for readers: (Feel free to answer these or comment on anything else in the book!)

What was your reaction to the infamous Chapter Thirty-Two?

Who is your favorite from Cat’s team of human commandos?


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37 Responses to “Night Huntress Read Along -ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE by Jeaniene Frost”

  1. Tashraven

    My reaction to Chapter 32 was what a wonderful introduction to delicious, dirty, sweet love for a woman of practically very little sexual experience
    Favorite team member: Tate – he is loyal and dedicated to his job, plus he truly loves Cat.

  2. Caroline

    One foot in the grave is not my favourite book in the series (Cat seems so young!) but I still really enjoyed chapter 32, of course.
    As for my favourite team member, it’s probably Tate, because he is loyal and straightforward.

  3. Chelsea

    I LOVE Tate! I really want a book for him, he so deserves someone…maybe me?! LOL Also Chapter 32 was amazing, not only did I love Bones before I REALLY want him after that! 🙂

  4. Leeanna @

    I had forgotten all about Cat’s relationship with anyone other than Bones. Good to revisit the early books! Also, thanks for sharing that tidbit, Jeaniene! I love finding how how books evolved from first draft to published version.

  5. Jana Leah

    Tate is my favorite human commando. He created such drama throughout the series.

  6. Joani S

    I have loved this series!! I actually didn’t read the books, I listened to them all in audio format. To answer the question about chapter 32, in audio it was like OMG!! I work outside all day so I listen to most of my books, and I remember looking around like the whole world could hear it and I wanted to make sure no one was around, but I also remember going back and replaying that part to hear it again. Very memorable!! To hear the narrator portray Bones is an experience!! I guess my fav is also Tate. He’s steadfast.

  7. Kai W.

    I have heard some much great reviews on this series. I have yet to read any of the books. Need to get to them soon.

  8. Kelsey

    Chapter 32, what can I say about chapter 32…in a word hot! There is really no other way to describe it. Who wouldn’t want someone totally devoted to their pleasure for hours on end.

    My favorite member of Cat’s team is probably Juan. He makes me think of Bones before he met Cat.

    Kate, I completely agree with what you said about Cat challenging Max. I cringe every time I read it, knowing it’s coming and the problems it could cause if Bones hadn’t stepped in.

    My two favorite scenes in this book are when Cat first sees Bones at Denise’s wedding and the ensuing drama and when Cat gives Bones some blood in the elevator at her work and the conresation while she is pointing her gun at Tate.

  9. Dragonyka

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to cringe at Cat challenging Max. I must admit, that later in the series I get fed up of them not talking to each other about what they’re going to do. But at this point they are still learning to trust each other. I tend to skip over that scene as quickly as possible now, otherwise it puts me off reading the book altogether!

    Chapter 32 – fans self! Enough said.

  10. Mihaela Azad

    Chapter 32…OMG!! As for my fave human, Juan. I love that guy 🙂

  11. Randi Cutburth

    I love this series so much. I have re-read each one so many times I can’t count. I’m glad she didn’t marry Noah… I think I may have thrown my book if she did.

  12. birdeye1524

    This is one of my favorite book series…. one… ha. Try my favorite book series of all time. I loved this book series from the first paragraph. I have every single book. My favorite part of this book was when Bones and Cat were in the parking lot at the wedding. Great dialogue. And the licking of the Gin bottle… steamy. Chapter 32 was indeed infamous. I loved watching(reading) Annette get taken down a peg or two. or three. I’m sad to hear that our beloved Cat and Bones are going away after this next book. I know Jeaniene Frost will give us the perfect goodbye.

  13. Lenna Wright- Berry

    When I read the first Cat & Bones story I was caught up in the story I didnt want it to end and now I have all but the last book and I will miss these two love birds when their last book comes out. I hope their last book blows all the rest and gives these two a very happy ending.

  14. Jocelyn S.

    Tate’s my favorite out of Cat’s team 🙂 He’s loyal, trustworthy, and in my opinion, funny as hell!!

  15. Elizabeth H.

    I’m glad that version was not published in the book. I think if I would have read Cat marrying Noah, I would have stopped reading the series right then. So glad it’s not in the book!

  16. wildchild1954

    Chapter 32: Most of it was quite well done but as soon as she got to the anal sex she lost me. I may be very, very old-fashioned but the me that just brings up prisoners in a cell, not a loving couple.

    My favorite team member: Has to be Cooper. He can give back witty remarks with her as well as everyone else but unlike Tate or Juan he never loses one iota of his respect for her. Juan is always to busy trying to cop a feel of his commander and Tate is too busy trying so prove that it doesn’t matter who she loves because he thinks it should be him. He will never give her, or her relationship with Bones, the respect she and it deserves because it isn’t what he wants. I could go on and on but I think I’ll get off my “I hate Tate” soapbox now.

  17. Mary

    Chapter 32 was a tension break. I mean it’s Kill people, don’t get killed, kill more people, dodge bullets, through the book (I really enjoyed all the gory bits too) There is also the fact that Cat was shocked and embarrassed half to death. As for my favorite team member it’s got to be Juan. He combines the best of Tate and Ian. Completely loyal, trustworthy friend; total smutty horn-dog. My second fave could be Dave if we saw more of him in the series. Tate just annoys me, love is all well and good but he needs to learn when to back down.

    • Kate

      Mary- I totally agree with the Tate being annoying part…and it doesn’t get better!

  18. April Simms

    There are so many things I loved about this book. I agree with the others…Chapter 32….WOW! My favorite member of Cat’s team is a difficult decision. I think it’s a tie between Tate and Juan. Both are trustworthy and would give their life for Cat’s.

  19. Solveig Ch.

    The chapter 32, of course, is one of my favorites ever!!. Finally we all get to know what Bones is all about!! I didn´t expect anything less, and it was lovely to see him holding nothing back… not just the sex, but the feelings that Bones put into it, really won my heart!! 🙂
    Cat Team… Tate all the way, and maybe because we all been there, you know, the love that can never be ours…

  20. Porcelain

    Chapter 32 = awesome.
    I really like Tate, Juan is great too though. 🙂

  21. Anna Henson

    I love this series! I need to revisit it and read them all again…

  22. Heather

    Loved reading the tidbit but glad Cat didn’t marry Noah…story would be so different….Chapter 32 was hot…Fave team member is Cooper…

  23. Brittany

    OMG JUAN IS MY FAVORITE IN THE WORLD, he’s so funny and his sexual innuendo’s made me laugh so hard it’s ridiculous… LOVE HIM…

  24. Katy Campbell

    Juan is my favorite, I love how he is flirtatious but also protective. Plus, his comments make me crack up!

  25. Bethany Taylor

    Infamous chapter 32 was hot, but I’m not in it for the sex scenes. 🙂 I love the interactions with the characters and the other moments that Bones and Cat have either through wit or non-sexual actions. It was neat to see vampire sex not in the “traditional” route of vampire sex.

    My beef with this book, though, is Cat’s impulsiveness and her lack of talking to Bones about things first (i.e., challenging Max). It’s an issue I have throughout the series, but we’re not there, yet! It drives me up a wall. I can’t say it’s necessarily out of character, but the impulse is crazy.

    My favorite commando is rather difficult…I like Tate, but his immediate dislike to Bones sometimes annoys me. It causes a friction in the triplet’s relationship that I find uncomfortable. TO be fair, I absolutely hate conflicts amongst “friends” in any TV show, movie, or book. LoL I want everyone to like each other and be friendly! Not in a boring manner, of course, but sometimes the friction grates on me. Though, I do love the wittiness that it can bring out in the three of them. I’m just happy we established Bones as “the man” before Tate arrived because if Tate was first and THEN Bones, I’d be in serious trouble…I latch onto the first good guy, sometimes, even if it doesn’t make sense and I know it’s not meant to be! Tate’s bluntness and loyalty are also to be commended. I like Juan because he’s fun and loyal. I like Cooper because he’s so laid back and goes with the flow.

  26. Katie Roberson

    Chapter Thirty-two was out of this world, The sex was fantastic. I really wish that we could have had Bones point of view at that time because (SPOILERS!!!) while Cat is screaming her head off Bones is doing his thing then its over. I loved the chapter don’t get me wrong but.. I wish it was more then just him biting everywhere…
    Now, my favorite commander would have to be…probably Cooper. His character was all like “Hey, your a freak but you’re good at what you do” I enjoy that chill-ness in a character and I believe that Frost accomplished that.
    (My favoritest books in the world. I really wish they would make this into a movie instead of 50 Shades)…if they actually chose the right characters.

  27. Micetta

    When I started reading chapter 32 I was lying on the bed…..when i finished it i was standing and screaming “Ooooh God!” I read it twice! Dear Jeaniene, how can you imagine such an excitng chapter?? it was simply fabulous! I was so jealous when i read how Annette flirted with Bones….and when she said bad things to Cat i wanted to kill her! Bones was magnificent…he came across this problem teaching that bitch a lesson…..and a lesson to all of us 😉 Annette, please, don’t even dare to look at Bones again! Bones, may you come to Italy for just one day?? I know someone that would be pleased to try your ability!

    My favourite from Cat’s team of human commandos is Juan! He is so fun! I hope to read more about him!

    Jeaniene, congratulations! You have been able to write one of the best books of paranormal romance! Love, fun, action, thrill all in 374 pages!

  28. Jes

    Chapter 32 was steamy! Got admit I’m a sucker for a good vampire sex scene. Now only if Bones was real…. ahem moving on….

    I love Juan as the human team member. He cracks me up. Tate bugs me, I think he needs an attitude adjustment. Don’t get me wrong I understand why he acts the way he does, he loves Cat and then all of a sudden Bone storms the scene but still Bones is the one for her and deep down I think Tate knows that but doesn’t want to admit it.

    Honestly I love everything about the book, all of the books. This has made me want to relisten to all of them again. Plus I was a refresher for when the new one comes out – sad it will be the last 🙁

    But we still have the Night Prince – and honestly Jeaniene is such an amazing writer I think anything she puts out will be good. And I am going to give her new series Realmwalker a try 🙂

  29. Amber

    OMG is all I can say about chapter 32. Hot hot hot! I really love Tate. In a way I’d love for him to hook up with Cat but I’m such a huge Bones fan so its hard. He needs to find another woman.

  30. Mariana Bezerra

    I knew this series had an infamous chapter, but the book took my attention and I didn’t even stopped to really love chapter thirty two. I loved this book and Bones was perfect in this return. It was nice the passage of time because we can see Cat as more adult and sure of herself. Her gang is a bit insane and Tate was my favorite in this book. Her mother is still the same.

  31. AusTexNatalie

    Paranormal Romance at it’s kick-ass best! Strong female lead but not a “B” at all, loving male lead who’s neither an alpha nor a douchebag, really nice side characters, tons of ACTION, and fairly high on the scorching sex meter. Gotta say that I totally hate Tate!

  32. Shannon Quenzer

    This one is one of my favorites of this series. I love that Cat and Bones still end up together, no matter what. Juan is probably my favorite member of the team, just because he is pretty entertaining. I have read them several times now and still love them!