Night Huntress Read Along-HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE by Jeaniene Frost

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night huntress readalong

Welcome to the first Night Huntress Read Along!

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1)Description: Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, aiming for the father who ruined her mother. Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, captures Cat, and agrees to train her until her battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs. But a group of killers pursue them. Bones is as tempting as any man with a heartbeat.
Before we get started with the discussion we have HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE tidbits from Jeaniene Frost herself:

The first chapter of Halfway to the Grave originally took place somewhere in chapter four of my first draft. It took multiple revisions to realize that I was starting with way too
much back story, not to mention switching genres from YA to adult in the same book. You can read the original first chapter here:

I played with several title ideas before finally settling on Halfway to the Grave. Some titles that I considered were “Skin and Bones” and “Dead of Midnight.”

Less than two weeks after Avon Books contracted Halfway to the Grave, I received a rejection from another publisher (Baen) that I’d previously submitted to. Here were the
manuscript comments that email contained: “Well written. TMI vampire sex. ::sigh:: Why is there always one handsome male vampire on the side of Good, that the Heroine falls for?
“Half vampire” female heroine also getting cliched.”  Just one of many examples on how subjective the submissions process is in publishing! Writers, don’t let rejection get you down.
What doesn’t work for one editor could be exactly what another editor is looking for.

Our Impressions:


Oh wow, Night Huntress, how young and naive book one seems.  Cat is a rare combination of bloodthirsty and sheltered, which leaves her completely ill-equipped to resist Bones’s charms… thank heavens  Does anyone else imagine James Marsters every time Bones speaks?  No?  Just me?  I find myself in a rush to get past these awkward first moments to later in the series, where hopefully Cat will throw up fewer artificial barriers between herself and the delicious Mr. Bones.


In response to Julia: it was a long time after I had read the books until I heard comparisons between Spike and Bones, and now is the first time I really read the physical description of Bones (I have a tendency to skip physical descriptions and just imagine the characters as I learn more about them) and I totally get it.

Otherwise, what I found striking this re-read (time number three – don’t judge) was how easily this could have not been a romance. Night Huntress reminds me a bit of the Jaz Parks series- Jaz and Vayl have a bit of sexual tension, but it takes them a very long time for that to come to fruition, whereas Cat and Bones have LOADS of sexual tension, and come together nearly immediately in a spectacular, sexy way that (don’t get me wrong) I love…but it also could have been a lesser part of the book and I would still have thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Okay now I’m going to be hearing James Marsters’ voice when I read Bones speaking. That’s not a bad thing though! I think I started this series with book 2 (I know scandalous!) so going back and seeing Cat and Bones actually meeting was fun and confusing as Bones as a blonde is odd…I was also in a rush to get to the whole sexy time scenes with these two but their sparing in the beginning was very fun. I agree with Kate that this could have very easily been just a straight up Urban Fantasy with minimal sex. Either way I would have still enjoyed this book. Did anyone else feel really bad for Cat’s neighbor Timmie? I kind of wanted to give him a hug after all he went through with Cat and Bones. Poor Timmie, you will be remembered fondly.

Favorite scene/quotes:


Anything with Bones in it, obviously.  My least favorite scenes are the ones with Cat and without Bones (Grow up already, lady!).


Oh I agree with Kristina- the part with Timmie as the pretend boyfriend was great- especially the end bit about how her mother doesn’t like Englishmen! Honestly, I kind of loved the scene at the end, with Cat in the hospital, where she basically kick’s Tate’s and Don’s asses, even handcuffed to the bed. Or most of the fight scenes. Hmmm I feel I should clarify- I’m not a violent person, really! Wait, also, I enjoyed the part where Bones came to her house and green eyed her grandparents into believing he was a girl. That was awesome.


While I adored Bones’ Englishness and his rapport with Cat I am going to be contrary and say that Cat pretending Timmie is her boyfriend when her mom comes to visit. Such hilarity. I hope Timmie goes on to have a nice quiet life. I loved Bones green eyeing her grandparents into thinking he was a girl as well. I think he could make a fetching female or not. Lets forget I said that.

Discussion Questions:

What caught your attention about this book that made you want to read it?

What was your favorite scene?

What were your first impressions of Cat and Bones? Did you like her/his introduction?

What did you like or dislike about the plot?

Read Along Dates:


December 3—AT GRAVE’S END




Release Day Review: January 28—UP FROM THE GRAVE


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35 Responses to “Night Huntress Read Along-HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE by Jeaniene Frost”

  1. Leeanna @

    I honestly can’t remember why I picked this series up to start with, but I devoured the first 4 or 5 books in 2 days once I started. It was before I was really book blogging, but I think I’d seen them online a lot, so that piqued my curiosity. Plus, vampires. Love me some vampires.

  2. Emily

    I found the Cat and Bones books a few years ago when I was looking for a new paranormal romance series to read and lots of people said they were really good. I completely agree =) Rereading book 1 for me shows how much Cat has changed over the years. She’s done a complete 180 with everything in her life and in herself and it’s been fun rereading where everything started.

  3. munchkin

    i started the Night Huntress series when Halfway to the Grave was released and i stumbled on it in the bookstore. Series is great as a uf with a sexy twist. Cat undergoes huge transformations in this book. one of my fav series !

  4. Amber

    I think it was the cover that originally caught my eye on this series. I love the chemistry between the two. This is definitely one of my favorite vampire series.

  5. Caroline

    I think I read this book because Ilona Andrews recommended it and then I devoured the series in a few days. I really liked how Cat was introduced. I thought her flaws and her naivete made her relatable and I really enjoyed the development she got over the series.

  6. Kate

    It’s funny to see how everybody came to Night Huntress because I can’t even remember how I got into the series. I think that I was looking for something way back when after I got into YA vampire novels- somehow I stumbled on Halfway To the Grave and what a change from YA that was!!

  7. Jana Leah

    I love Cat & Bones & thought their introduction to each other (Cat trying to seduce Bones) was a funny scene.

  8. Mariana

    In reality I was reading something on Under the Covers and they mentioned this series so I decided to check because vampires are usually my favorite books. Bones was highly recommended and I adored him, he’s very passionate and has no fear to talk about his feelings. My favorite scene was when Cat actually said she loves Bones, because at first I thought it was only a bit of infatuation and this made it serious for me. I didn’t liked Cat at first and that made difficult for me to connect with this book, but I discovered that her changes made her bearable. I still prefer Bones and she needs to grow up fast. At the end she showed a different personality and I really liked. I liked the plot and Cat was my only problem in this first book.

  9. Kelsey

    I found the Night Huntress books at the back of another Avon book I was reading. I read the blurb and it caught my attention. Honestly for me Halfway to the Grave moved a little slow for me. Once Cat made her decision to be with Bones things started to move. I was defenitely not happy about Cat leaving, I understand that she thought she was protecting Bones but I am a sucker for happily ever afters.

  10. Mirlou

    I loved this book as well as the whole series.
    If your looking for a fun, sexy, hard to put down book/series this is it. You will find yourself falling for one of the sexy vamps in this series.

  11. Josie

    I love this book series. I read the first book and was completely hooked. I have since recommended this book to about 20 other people and each has loved it. Bones is such a great character and you can’t help but want your own “Bones”. I also really liked Cat’s character. The chemistry between Cat and Bones throughout the whole series is wonder. Ms. Frost has done an excellent job with this series. I am very sorry to see it coming to an end.

  12. Sonya

    This book was on my TBR but I moved it to the top because of the blog post on this site about the read-along and the final book being released in January. I liked the first scene in the cave when we start to see the chemistry building and how much spunk Cat has. I’m guessing I’ll be finishing the first 6 books well before #7 comes out and will be waiting impatiently for it!

  13. IgnitedInk

    Six years ago, I saw this book casually lying on a front table in a Borders book store (back when we still had Borders) and something about the cover drew me in. Then I read the blurb on the back, opened to the first chapter and was sold! Obsession began. 😛

    One of my favorite scenes from this first book is when they first meet, and she’s so flustered by his blatant sexual statements even though that’s how she’s been getting the upper hand on all of the other vamps. And them in her truck…”You weren’t going to shag me with all your clothes on, were you, Kitten?” LMAO. And so the Kitten nickname begins. *Sighs dreamily*

    • Dragonyka

      How much had Cat changed before Bones was ready to send her out on her first mission! As proved by the ‘blush test’ that Bones put her through, amazingly she only had to do 40 miles after 2 hours of provocation!

      I love these books so much!

  14. Chelsea

    My abso fav scene is after she ‘meets’ the ghost and then Bones has to carry her back tot he pick up…she asks if he thinks she is pretty and he tells her she is beautiful. It is the first real comment that tells us that Bones really likes Cat…I love this series, and have read it multiple time! *Sigh*

  15. Kate

    Love to see what everybody is saying! And I totally agree with all the Cat and Bones scenes being the favorites! 🙂

  16. Shannon Q.

    I think the cover caught my attention to start, and then, when I started reading, I was hooked. My favorite scene is when Cat and Bones meet for the first time. There is so much sexual tension between them from the start and you can’t help but go along for the ride! I love that you guys are doing a reread of this series because it’s one that I keep coming back to again and again.

  17. Solveig Ch.

    I found those books for a friend online, this book was my first reading of paranormal romance, and I love it!! Now I am a big fan of the genre… My favorite scene says it all: “Want to f**k” that was when Cat and Bones caught me, and of course when Bones ask Cat to really see him, before their first time together…I love the way the characters presents themselves, they are not ¨flat¨ and their personalities got you hooked pretty quickly… I really loved reading this book again (my fourth re read by the way) 😉

  18. Dragonyka

    I’m always up for another re-read of Cat and Bones. I can’t wait for the last one, even though I’m a bit sorry the series is coming to an end.

    I really can’t remember how I got into the series – I inhale books as a general rule and will pick up anything that catches my eye – but I’ve loved it all.

    One of the scenes that I think shows how much Cat has changed is when she meets Spade. I don’t think that at the beginning of the book she would have come out of that encounter anywhere near as well. Spade’s comment to Bones sums it up…

    ““Believe me, mate, I’ve never enjoyed a woman astride me less. I came out to say hallo, and this she-devil blinded me by flinging rocks in my eyes. Then she vigorously attempted to split my skull before threatening to impale me with silver if I so much as even twitched! It’s been a few years since I’ve been to America, but I daresay the method of greeting a person has changed dramatically!””

    That whole scene makes me smile every time. 😀

  19. Micetta

    The thing that caught my attention about this wonderful book was the title (in italian is “la cacciatrice della notte”). I remember that i was in a bookshop and when i read it, i felt a shiver running down my spine. I immediately bought it!!
    My favourite scene is when they are in the cave and they fight.
    My first impression of Cat was a self-confident fighter, while i thought that Bones was so rude…and so hot! i definitely liked their introduction! it’s different from the typical “they meet and they fall in love immediately, just with one look.” Fight, guys!! We want challenges!
    You can’t ask me what i disliked about the plot…..this is my favourite book! the book that made me discover paranormal romance genre!
    It is flawless. Period.

    Cat <3 Bones <3

  20. Angie_stl

    I found this series after a few others, one of which just ended in May in terrible disappointment. But I’d already found this series which gives me much more joy than I’ve gotten from that one in years!! I can’t remember who pointed me toward this series, but I’d hug them if I remembered!! And I don’t know that I could pick just one scene that would be my favorite, but pressed I’d have to say when Cat’s possessiveness shows rears its oh-so-funny head when Cat squeezes what she thinks is Bones’ hand, at first anyway. I’ve laughed every one of the 3 or 4 times I’ve read the series!! Lmao!! I’ve had the urge myself once or twice!! Not just on Bones either

  21. Tashraven

    I was browsing through and saw the book and rating, read a description, sounded good. So I purchased the book and thus started would-not-miss-a-book Night Huntress history

  22. Shannon S.

    I found this series because I was waiting for another Mercy Thompson book and fell for it but I was so sad with the ending of Halfway to the Grave.

  23. Shannon S.

    I wanted to read the book because of how Cat is obviously portrayed on the cover and in the synopsis as a strong and independent heroine.

  24. Lenna Wright- Berry

    When I read the first Cat & Bones story I was caught up in the story I didnt want it to end and now I have all but the last book and I will miss these two love birds when their last book comes out. I hope their last book blows all the rest and gives these two a very happy ending.

  25. April Simms

    I came across this book in the nook store and found the cover intriguing. I purchased the book and fell in love with the characters! I knew I was going to love this book when Bones said “I thawt I thaw a putty tat” (Chapter Two).

  26. porcelain

    i found this series on goodreads as a suggestion. Read the first book in 2hrs and had to read the rest of them.
    I absolutely adore everything about this series, it has definitely become part of my top 5 favorite series’ of ALL time.

  27. Heather

    I found this series while doing a search on what to read after FSOG…
    I got hooked instantly and I love the series!!

  28. Katy Campbell

    I wanted to read the book because my friend actually picked up the second one and I wanted to know the back story. After I started these books, they’ve quickly become one of my favorites. I reread this series at least once a year and its the one that I go to cheer me up when I’m down. Bones and cat’s dialog and relationship is just awesome.

  29. Bethany Taylor

    I wasn’t a huge urban fantasy reader when I started reading this. I was just dipping my toes in so, for me, this book caught my attention BECAUSE Cat was a half-vampire. From there, I find that I am instantly drawn to the strong, sarcastic heroines. I love a good dry sense of humor and Bones (and Cat) has a tone of it, which I absolutely love. This plot, I actually really liked. It was a good introduction and, even though I’m not against paranormal romances, I hate when they jump into bed right away. I liked how this built over time.

  30. Jes

    I remember I had just started my Audible subcription and I was looking for some good audio books to listen to while I was at work (desk job and all that so I wanted something good to make the day pass quicker) and I have always loved Urban Fantasy. I was skimming along and I saw the Night Huntress series and the cover, title, and description caught my eye. So I listened to the sample (which was the first part of the frist chapter) and I was hooked! I started listening to them right before THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE came out and bought them all to catch up (including spin offs). No everytime a new one is released I buy it the day it comes out (including the Night Prince series, love me some Vlad). These are my absolute favorite books. I have gotten a couple of my friends hooked on them as well. I have listened to them all multiple times and they are always just as good as the first time. Jeaniene sprinkles in just the right amount of humor into her stories, they really keep you hooked. To the point where when they end you you are so disappointed

    I loved the plot and I think there was just enough back story and how the relationship of Cat and Bone built over time. I love their back and forth banter it’s to funny. And I think my favorite scene would have to be when Bones “Green eyes” her grandparents into thinking he was one of Cats girl friends. Priceless!

  31. AusTexNatalie

    I also read book 2 first. I fell in love with the characters and promptly went about collecting all of the books in the series and purposefully waited until just a few months ago to read them all so that I was geared up for the final book. So I read this book already knowing the characters but it just made me love them more! They are so well written and the banter between Cat & Bones is amazing! But man, is her mom annoying!! Originally I picked up book 2 from the library because of the title and the synopsis on the back cover. I’ve never regretted it.

  32. Shannon Sullivan

    I got attracted to the book because the protagonist is a strong and independent woman who can fight her own battles.