Review: Kitty in the Underworld (Kitty Norville, #12) by Carrie Vaughn

October 8, 2013 Review 0

Review: Kitty in the Underworld (Kitty Norville, #12) by Carrie VaughnKitty in the Underworld by Carrie Vaughn
Series: Kitty Norville, #12
Published by Tor Books on July 30, 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 305 pages
Source: Publisher
Sexual Content: kissing
Reviewed by: Kristina
3 Stars

As Denver adjusts to a new master vampire, Kitty gets word of an intruder in the Denver werewolf pack’s territory, and she investigates the challenge to her authority. She follows the scent of the lycanthrope through the mountains where she is lured into a trap, tranquilized, and captured. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a defunct silver mine: the perfect cage for a werewolf. Her captors are a mysterious cult seeking to induct Kitty into their ranks in a ritual they hope will put an end to Dux Bellorum. Though skeptical of their power, even Kitty finds herself struggling to resist joining their cause. Whatever she decides, they expect Kitty to join them in their plot . . . willingly or otherwise.

KITTY IN THE UNDERWORLD was a hard book for me to write about since I didn't know exactly how I felt about it at the end. There were issues with its pacing and lack of moving forward yet I still felt very positive about this series moving forward. What keeps me coming back are the complex yet down to earth characters and interesting, thought provoking ideas that come about throughout the series. My main issues is that I am struggling with the momentum of the overarching storyline involving Roman, the 'big bad'.

First of all, I like that Kitty is a heroine who tries to talk her way out of situations before fighting. This characteristic makes her different from many other urban fantasy protagonists and it gives the Kitty Norville series a distinctly different feel in its plotting and pacing which I enjoy. Unfortunately Kitty is being held captive for most of the book with only herself to talk to.  Now I love Kitty's inner monologues as they are wonderfully insightful and interesting. But when we are stuck with only her inner thoughts without the interjection of other characters besides her captors KITTY IN THE UNDERWORLD moves ever so slowly with very very little action. Also, Kitty's connection with her friends and family are a big part of who she is and I missed her interactions with them. That empty hollow feeling I got in missing Ben, Cormac, and everyone else in a way helped me to emphasize with how Kitty feels in this book, alone in a dark cell.

The reason for her capture involves the looming big bad of the series, Roman and while I appreciate the build up to the fight with him the fact that this build up has been going on for so long almost lessens my anticipation for him to come. I don't know if the final battle with Roman will live up to his own hype since he had better be super epically evil by the time the big showdown comes. Also, Roman hasn't actually done too much to show just how evil he is and KITTY IN THE UNDERWORLD does little to help advance just why the characters should be so scared of him.  I did enjoy learning Roman's backstory but even that simply rehashed information we already knew about him from previous books.

Overall, KITTY IN THE UNDERWORLD felt empty as it didn't give out any really new information or advance the plot beyond some intriguing foreshadowing about Kitty and backstory on Roman. Hopefully Roman lives up to the hype and hopefully the plot in this much loved series moves forward in future books because I still love Kitty and this world.  The 13th Kitty Norville book is untitled and due to release in 2014.

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