Release Day Review: Scythe Does Matter (The Reluctant Reaper #2) Gina X. Grant

July 15, 2013 Review 2

Release Day Review: Scythe Does Matter (The Reluctant Reaper #2) Gina X. GrantScythe Does Matter by Gina X. Grant
Series: The Reluctant Reaper #2
Published by Pocket Books on July 15, 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 200
Source: Edelweiss
Sexual Content: Mentions of sex
Reviewed by: Kate
4 Stars

Kirsty’s afterlife gets even more Hellish in this second installment of The Reluctant Reaper series when her soul-stealing ex-boss targets her beloved aunt. Her only chance to stop him? Becoming a Reaper herself. Fortunately, her hunky new boyfriend, Italian-poet-turned-Reaper Dante Alighieri, is there to help.Still trapped in the bureaucratic inferno known as Hell, Kirsty d’Arc redoubles her efforts to escape back to the Mortal Coil when she learns Conrad is after the soul of her beloved aunt. To save Aunt Carey, Kirsty must enroll at the Reaper Academy and earn a scythe of her own. Studying topics like Exor-scything 101, Riding the Death Cycle, and Reincarnation for Dummies is strange. But then, so are her classmates: a fallen angel, the Death Valley girls, and Kali—the ancient god of death, destruction, and those little earring backs that always go missing.

Now time is running out thanks to a temporal crisis she may have accidentally created. Can she graduate, rescue her aunt, take down Conrad, and save Hell and every other dimension—before the clock stops ticking?

As the saying goes in Hell, “Be careful what you wish for; it just might get you!”

SCYTHE DOES MATTER was exactly what I was hoping for in the second book of The Reluctant Reaper series. Hell remained quirky, and Kristy developed a personality! I also felt that unlike THE RELUCTANT REAPER, a lot more actually happened in this book. Though short, SCYTHE DOES MATTER has a general story arc with a conclusion that exists within the larger plot line that spans multiple books. Kristy trying to make it through Reaper School so she has the skills to save her aunt is the biggest focus, but there is a smaller victory near the end that makes for a satisfying conclusion to this individual installment.

One disappointment is that we didn't see much of the characters we met previously. Obviously Dante played a part, but some of Kristy’s new friends from THE RELUCTANT REAPER were somewhat MIA. Luckily, Grant made up for it with some fun new friends for Kristy, especially Kali, who we all know as the goddess of death and chaos, but also, apparently, lost earring backs. And, depending on your sense of humor, you may be happy to hear that SCYTHE DOES MATTER contains far less puns than THE RELUCTANT REAPER (I for one was very pleased about this- they had started to get distracting).

SCYTHE DOES MATTER does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, with considerably more punch than the ending to THE RELUCTANT REAPER, and therefore far more motivation to pick up the third book in The Reluctant Reaper Series. The short length of these installments makes them a perfect afternoon summer read, and fortunately for us, there isn't much time to wait in between. ESPRIT DE CORPSE comes out on August 19th- I’m anxious to see what Kristy gets herself into next!

Series Titles:
  1. The Reluctant Reaper - 3/5
  2. Scythe Does Matter
  3. Esprit de Corpse
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