Deadly Destinations: Paige Cuccaro’s Emma Jane Hellsbane on Pittsburg & win HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE

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Today’s Deadly Destination is from Paige Cuccaro‘s Emma Jane Hellsbane on Pittsburg from HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE, Hellsbane #2(published on August 27, 2013 by Entangled Select). Want to win a copy? Enter via the widget below.

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Paige Cuccaro’s Emma Jane Hellsbane on Pittsburg from HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE

I love Pittsburgh. But I should probably move. My name’s Emma. Emma Jane Hellsbane and I have singlehandedly put my beloved city right in the crosshairs of some of the most powerful beings in creation. And they’re usually not in a good mood.

I’m talking about angels and demons, of course. But they’re not the only ones popping in and out around Shady Side, or down in the strip district, or up on the Mount Washington overlook. I’ve got fallen angels and nephilim—half human, half angel people like me—cruising the downtown streets and causing trouble on the University of Pittsburgh campus in Oakland too.  They’re everywhere and I’m pretty sure there weren’t nearly as many before I picked up a sword and became an illorum—a warrior of God. It’s not as biblically epic as it sounds. I’m more like a bounty hunter…Heaven’s bounty hunter and my hunting grounds just happen to be around Pittsburgh PA.

Actually, there are things about this city that make it the perfect staging ground for the start of a war between Heaven and Hell. For one thing, there’s Saint Anthony’s Chapel over in Troy Hill. For a quaint little chapel it packs a hellova supernatural punch. Its pretty stain glass windows practically throb with the power imbued in the more than five-thousand sacred relics housed inside. That power came in handy when a friend of mine needed a shot of some seriously potent holy water.

And then there’s Point State Park, a green triangle of land where the mighty Allegheny River on the northeast and the powerful Monongahela River on the southeast come together to form the fast flowing waters of the Ohio River. Standing at the very tip of such a massive convergence of nature’s power you can almost feel the earth’s energy vibrating up through your body. Angels and demons are all about power.

But if we’re talking supernatural hotspots, the Mount Washington overlook seems to draw angels and demons like flies. I know it was always one of my favorite spots with the Pittsburgh cityscape stretched out below, from the point back to Oakland and on clear days even farther than that. I have a lot of great memories hanging out at the overlook, practicing my sword fighting skills with a good friend, long talks with my totally hot, and totally off limits angelic mentor. The place holds a lot of bad memories too. Really bad. I don’t go there much anymore. Not unless someone—or some thing—makes me. I miss it.

It’s all good though. I mean, being an illorum, a nephilim warrior of God, comes with some nifty perks. The ability to travel at nearly the speed of thought is a good one. It means I can get out of the city whenever I want. I can be almost anywhere in a matter of seconds. I’ve gone from Pittsburgh to India, to Brazil, then Egypt all in a matter of minutes. I take off when I can, but it doesn’t always help. Angels and demons are everywhere, they can sense me. The demons want me dead, and the fallen angels mostly want to avoid me—they want me dead too, but they’re happy to let the demons do the dirty deed. Suck is the life of an illorum.

Lately though, of all the places I’ve been and all the places I could go, I’ve felt a special longing for Positano Italy. My life and the life of someone I…someone I love changed there forever. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m ready to find out.

You can find out too in the upcoming HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE, book 2 in the HELLSBANE series due out August 27, 2013!

 I live in Ohio, with my husband, three daughters, three dogs, and three cats, in an ever shrinking house. When I’m not writing I’m doing the mom thing with a book in one hand and a notepad and pen in the other. Ideas come without warning and for me, the best way to stimulate my imagination is to enjoy the imagination of someone else.

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Available on August 27, 2013 by Entangled Select


Someone’s killing angels and turning the half human, half angel illorum warriors against their angelic supporters. If the supernatural baddy behind the attacks isn’t stopped soon, Heaven itself could fall victim. The Council of Seven has called in the best they’ve got to find the killers, and no one’s more surprised than Emma Jane Hellsbane when it’s her phone that rings.

But when her own angelic mentor—and off-limits hottie—Eli is targeted, Emma takes it personally. With Emma hot on the trail of the growing army of assassins, though, hackles start to raise around her. Everyone wants to know if she’s in it to protect all angels or just one in particular. The Council has their suspicions…and so does Emma’s boyfriend.

Now Emma isn’t just fighting off demons, rogue nephilim, and Fallen angels, but she’s defending her honor as well. The problem is even Emma Jane isn’t sure of her motives. One thing she does know: if she doesn’t figure out the killers’ identities soon, she may not live long enough to know what, or who, she really wants.

It’s all in a day’s work as Heaven’s ultimate bounty hunter.

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30 Responses to “Deadly Destinations: Paige Cuccaro’s Emma Jane Hellsbane on Pittsburg & win HEAVEN AND HELLSBANE”

  1. Natalie J. Damschroder

    Wow, you make Pittsburgh sound appealing, and that’s saying something for a Patriots fan who is married into a Browns family! LOL Of course, you also make it sound hella dangerous, so… 😉

    • Paige Cuccaro

      Thanks Natalie! I <3 Pittsburgh. There are sooo many awesome places in the city. It's full of cool stuff! Angels and demons not withstanding. LOL 🙂

  2. Viki S.

    I live outside of Cleveland but am from Western NY so Pitts always been a rival. My sons love it and go whenever they can. I really like that photo of the point park.
    I love that sword. Is it how you envisioned it?
    Thank you :).

    • Paige Cuccaro

      Hi Viki! Yeah, the sword on the cover is pretty close to what I pictured. Neat! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  3. Eva Millien

    If Emma Jane was to move, where would she like to go? Thanks for sharing the destination and the giveaway. I am looking forward to reading more books in this series.

    • Paige Cuccaro

      Hi Eva, She’d probably move to New Orleans. Apparently that city’s already overrun with supernatural types. 🙂

  4. Denise Z

    This is a new series for me. I hopped over to check out more and it looks like lots of fun and I am adding to my wishlist. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share with us and for the treat of a giveaway opportunity.

    • Paige Cuccaro

      Hi Denise, Thanks for giving the Hellsbane series a try! I hope you enjoy Emma and her…issues. 😉

  5. Joani S

    Hi there! This sounds really good, I’ve also put it in my wish list and will def be checking it out. Have you done much traveling around the world? Being able to go somewhere that quick would be a cool gift. What do you think of audiobooks? I listen to a lot of them. Do you think this would “read” well in that format?

    • Paige Cuccaro

      Hi Joani, Thanks for giving the Hellsbane series a try! I’ve traveled some. Here in the states (PA, OH, NY, FL LA, GA) and I’ve also been to Canada and Italy (my hubby grew up in Italy and still has friends and family there.) I love audio books! They’re a great way to make workouts fly by. I think the Hellsbane books would be awesome as audio books, but best if produced with an actor reading them.

  6. Joani S

    Hi there! This sounds really good, I’ve also put it in my wish list and will def be checking it out. Have you done much traveling around the world? Being able to go somewhere that quick would be a cool gift. What do you think of audiobooks? I listen to a lot of them. Do you think this would “read” well in that format?

  7. Kai W.

    Heaven and Hellbane sounds like a great book to read about Angels and Demons. They have both fascinate me. This book will be in my TBR List.

    • Paige Cuccaro

      Hi Kai, I’m glad the post sparked your interest! I love stories about angels and demons. There’s so much that hasn’t been explored. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. ramona

    Love love love books using the burgh as the location ….It’s so great to be able to related to the scenes

    • Paige Cuccaro

      Hi Ramona, I’m the same way! LOVE reading books set in places I’ve been or can visit. Movies too! I always squeal out, That’s Pittsburgh! in the theater. LOL Then I’m giddy for like a solid 10 minutes. LOVED Perks of Being a Wallflower, but LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing so much of the city.

  9. munchkin

    Have enjoyed Commencement and Hellsbane. Being from Pa i too like that they are set in Pittsburgh 😉

  10. Susan S.

    I wasn’t familiar with the series, but I am definitely interested now knowing they are set in Pittsburgh. Love being able to know the places being talked about in the book.

  11. Jasmyn

    I love angel stories – especially the ones where they’re not all powerful and invincible. They’re more believable if they have some little weakness.

  12. Michele A

    Thanks for the give away…sounds like a really good series….I will definitely read.

  13. Natasha

    Sounds like an awesome series!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Nickie

    Missed the first book, so I will be picking it up from the library this week!

  15. donnas

    Sounds like a great story. Looking forward to finding out what happens.

  16. Jolene A

    Another great book I need to add to the top of my wishlist!!!