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A big welcome to Georgia McBride who is here with a Q&A celebrating the release of Praefatio (Praefatio, #1) which will be published on June 18, 2013 by Month9Books. Want to win a copy and some really cool swag? Enter via the widget below.

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How’d you come up with the name for Gavin’s band?

30 Seconds to Mars was used as the inspiration for Gavin Vault’s band in PRAEFATIO. The band is called Venus Unearthed.

I heard on Twitter that PRAEFATIO was originally NA. Is that true?

PRAEFATIO was written as a New Adult title originally, before NA caught on. Grace was originally 18 when we met her and turned 19 in book 1. Agents suggested Grace needed to be younger, and some of the saucier scenes needed to be toned down. Some say the book is still a bit saucy.

How did you come up with your fight scenes?

When writing the fighting scenes, I acted them out. I’ve gotten pretty good at fake martial arts as a result. I fell on my butt once, and was sore for like 2 weeks acting out fight scenes. Now, I spend a lot of time watching my daughter, who is a TKD deputy black belt working on her form an finding new moves that way.

Are there any other “creatures” in the book besides angels and demons?

Yes! We have all kinds of “beings” in the book. I have had to be really creative when writing the demonic beings, though. I tried to think of every nightmare I had when I was a kid. That’s where the Tongue of Truth comes from. I dreamed him when I was like 7 years old. I will NEVER forget that dream. There are vampires, bears, snakes, angels, demons, wizards, sorcerers, sprites, gargoyles and more in this book. I hope to expand the list of creatures with each book.

How do you research a book about angels?

PRAEFATIO was heavily researched. Everything had to be not only researched but authenticated. There is a car crash scene. For that one I spoke to accident investigators at NYPD and EMS. For the hospital scene, I talked to 2 ER nurses and 1 critical care nurse. I also picked the brain of a spinal surgeon (you’ll see why when you read the book). I also had to research the opening scene – talking to 2 newspaper journalist and 1 reporter (TV – on air), 2 NYPD officers and an attorney. The first chapter was written or revised after spending at least 7 hours talking to the various professionals Grace encounters in order for it to be authentic. I also did a lot of astrological research, learned a bit of Latin, consulted with Latin professors and of course, read and re-read passages in The Bible, the Book of Enoch and Dante’s Inferno. PRAEFATIO borrows a bit from Greek mythology, but it is very subtle. Had to brush up on that as well. Finally, I spent a lot of time studying Stockholm Syndrome and victims of kidnappings. I talked to 2 child psychiatrists about many, many things in an effort to be sure Grace’s emotions and or perceived illness would ring true.

Who’s your fave character and why?

I have always loved Remi, Grace’s brother. His journey is only beginning and I cannot wait for you to see what I have in store for him. Everyone who has read the book falls in love with Remi.


Georgia was born and raised in NYC but has been living in NC since 2006. When not writing or running Month9Books or Swoon Romance or the non-profit literary organization YALITCHAT.ORG, which she founded, Georgia visits schools and talks to kids about writing books!

Georgia writes speculative fiction for teens and tweens and even has an adult non-fiction book brewing in that overactive brain of hers. In her spare time she can be found rounding up 2 kids, 1 German Shepard 3 Chihuahuas, and 1 parrot. She loves music of all kinds, wine and movies, and is addicted to coffee and bacon. Some of her favorite creators are George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and Ridley Scott. She would cut off her right (or left) arm to work with any of the above.

She supports adoption (people and dogs), music appreciation, reading/literacy, animal rescue, cultural exchange, eco-friendly activities, equal rights for everyone and believes that we must achieve world peace.

Website | Twitter | Facebook |


One signed copy of Praefatio by Georgia McBride, signed wings, postcards and keychain


Available on June 18, 2013 by Month9Books


Seventeen-year-old Grace Ann Miller is no ordinary runaway…

After having been missing for weeks, Grace is found on the estate of international rock star Gavin Vault, half-dressed and yelling for help. Over the course of twenty-four hours Grace holds an entire police force captive with incredulous tales of angels, demons, and war; intent on saving Gavin from lockup and her family from worry over her safety.

Authorities believe that Grace is ill, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, the victim of assault and a severely fractured mind. Undeterred, Grace reveals the secret existence of dark angels on earth, an ancient prophecy and a wretched curse steeped in Biblical myth. Grace’s claims set into motion an ages-old war, resulting in blood, death and the loss of everything that matters. But are these the delusions of an immensely sick girl, or could Grace’s story actually be true?

Praefatio is Grace’s account of weeks on the run, falling in love and losing everything but her faith. When it’s sister against brother, light versus darkness, corrupt police officers, eager doctors and accusing journalists, against one girl with nothing but her word as proof: who do you believe?

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