Best – and Worst – of Paranormal Fathers

June 16, 2013 Holiday 3

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d do a little round up of urban fantasy and paranormal books that feature fathers. And while I don’t have any “World’s Best Dad” mugs to give away, I felt there were plenty of fathers in the urban fantasy genre who deserved some awards, both positive and negative! Just keep an eye out- if you’re not caught up with these series, you may encounter a few spoilers.

Best Father – Adam Hauptman

Adam, from the Mercy Thompson series, is not only alpha of the Tri-Cities pack, and official werewolf spokesperson, he’s also a great father to his teenage daughter, Jesse. He wins the Best Father award hands down in my opinion. Not only does he prove time and time again that he would do anything for Jesse, as she gets older, she decides to stay with him instead of her mother. Clearly he must be pretty awesome if a teenage girl wants to live with him full time.

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7)

Runner Up Best Father – Lon Butler

Lon, the Earthbound demon boyfriend of Cady in the Arcadia Bell series, has one of the most adorable kids ever- Jupiter, better now as Jupe. Jupe is such a rambunctious, precocious kid that any parent is a saint for dealing with him, plus Lon’s doing it all on his own!

Kindling the Moon

Worst Father – Max

Max, Cat Crawfield’s father from the Night Huntress series is by far and away the worst father I have ever read- in any genre. In AT GRAVE’S END, he shows up, kidnaps Cat’s mom, uses her as bait to get Cat, and slowly tortures both Cat and her mother. Oh, and he was intending on killing Cat. (Did I mention he’s her father?) Not sure how you can get much worse than that.

At Grave's End

Runner Up Worst Father – Joshua Merit

Mr. Merit, father of Merit of the Chicagoland Vampires, has a strained relationship with his daughter to begin with. And then at the end of HARD BITTEN she finds out he had offered Ethan money to turn her into a vampire- without her knowing about it. Turning your daughter into an immortal creature against her will for your own nefarious purposes puts you on the worst list in my book.

Hard Bitten

Most Normal Father – Mr. True

Sadly, I don’t actually remember Jane True’s father’s first name, and I’m pretty sure he is most frequently referred to as “Jane’s dad.” However, he’s got to be the most easy going completely human father of a supernatural ever. When he finds out about Jane’s crazy strong powers, he just accepts them, doesn’t freak out at her, and in future books, he is part of Jane’s “posse” standing by her no matter what. He just worries about her safety, like any normal dad.

Tempest Reborn

Most Manipulative Father – Mircea

Mircea, from the Dorina Basarab and Cassandra Palmer series almost made my worst list, and then I really couldn’t remember anything too outright terrible that he did to Dory. But he definitely has scheming down to a science (that’s what happens when you’re immortal) and he knows how to get exactly what he wants from her. And while not manipulative, there’s that whole dating a girl younger than his daughter thing he’s got going on as well- I’m sure Dory just loves that.

Fury's Kiss

Bonus: “For Your Own Good” Father – Leland Davidson

Another one whose name I had to look up, Leland, father of Charley of the Charley Davidson series is an awesome dad- letting Charley use office space in his building, for example. But then he has to go and get her arrested in THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD. But it is for her own good, obviously. Not sure how giving your kid a criminal record is good, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

Third Grave Dead Ahead

So that’s our father collection. Who is your favorite book father? What award would he win?

3 Responses to “Best – and Worst – of Paranormal Fathers”

  1. Lenore

    I can pretty much agree with all of those (except the series I have not read). Mr. Merit and Cat’s dad are terrible! And while Mircea is manipulative, I still love him 🙂

    • Kate

      Lenore- Ditto! To all those comments. And how can anybody not love Mircea?! Even if he is a little scheme-y.

  2. Aori

    While, I do not know most of these fathers (though Max and Joshua suck as father though Joshua seems to have something else going for him), I am confused by your description.

    You say that you “couldn’t remember anything too outright terrible that he did to Dory…” and then say that he is the most manipulative…? And then you say that he is “not manipulative” later. I guess I just think differently but I don’t really think Dorina will think anything about his girlfriend, who is 450+ years younger than her. I dunno 5 centuries old vampires wouldn’t really care about age, would they? They seem beyond age. That’s just me.