Review: Bitter Disenchantment (Coveted, #0.4) by Shawntelle Madison

May 18, 2013 Review 0

Review: Bitter Disenchantment (Coveted, #0.4) by Shawntelle MadisonBitter Disenchantment by Shawntelle Madison
Series: Coveted, #0.4
Published by Self Published on April 23, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 156 pages
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: mild sex scene
Reviewed by: Kristina
4 Stars

Werewolf Natalya Stravinsky's outspoken sidekick, Aggie McClure, is featured in this prequel novella. Before Agatha set foot in South Toms River, New Jersey, she had the fight of her life to face. Destined to be the alpha female over her Manhattan pack, Aggie was fully prepared to take on her role until her father arranges a marriage without her consent. She wants out–but the only way is with money–something her new controlling husband won't give her to escape. But such odds never kept a wolf like Aggie down. To sever the twisted tie, she finds herself pitted against raging wood nymphs and backstabbing brownies in an underground supernatural fighting ring. With every victory, the sweet taste of freedom is closer, but her husband isn't willing to let her go that easily. Until the very end, Aggie must fight for the one thing she's never had: a choice.

As a prequel to the Coveted series, readers already know where Aggie ends up, but its the journey there in BITTER DISENCHANTMENT that really fleshes her out. Aggie is tough, independent and privilege being the daughter of the alpha wolf. What I like about this series is that it shows people with problems and disorders realistically and it shows that while they don’t overcome their problems they learn to manage them eventually.  It was really interesting seeing the impetus for Aggie’s binge eating issues which relate to some serious childhood trauma.

One of the unique things about BITTER DISENCHANTMENT is that its not focused on the building of a romance or even a relationship but the slow breaking down of one. Most of the time I am rooting for a couple to get along and reconcile their differences which is why I almost felt sorry for Victor (Aggie’s husband) especially considering his lavish gifts and kindness during the start of their courtship.

Like any relationship doomed to fail however, the cracks start to show and boy do they show! After Victor reveals his true colors, BITTER DISENCHANTMENT became more than a story dealing with domestic abuse but an intense story about Aggie struggling to escape to be able to make her own decisions with her life.  Aggie shows that she is most definitely not a woman who will tolerate being chained up and let her autonomy be taken away. I really enjoyed seeing her fight both in and out of the ring for her freedom especially after what she goes through with Victor and her father.

For a story about leaving a bad situation and relationship, BITTER DISENCHANTMENT is a wonderfully hopeful and satisfying prequel for the Coveted series.  Now that Aggie’s past has been fleshed out I’m looking forward to more of her in COMPELLED coming out in 2014.

Series Titles:
  1. Coveted
  2. Kept
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