Review: Stung by Bethany Wiggins

April 21, 2013 Review 1

Review: Stung by Bethany WigginsStung by Bethany Wiggins
Published by Walker Childrens on 4/2/2013
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 304
Source: NetGalley
Sexual Content: Threats of rape.
Reviewed by: Chris
1 Stars

Fiona doesn't remember going to sleep. But when she opens her eyes, she discovers her entire world has been altered-her house is abandoned and broken, and the entire neighborhood is barren and dead. Even stranger is the tattoo on her right wrist-a black oval with five marks on either side-that she doesn't remember getting but somehow knows she must cover at any cost. And she's right. When the honeybee population collapsed, a worldwide pandemic occurred and the government tried to bio-engineer a cure. Only the solution was deadlier than the original problem-the vaccination turned people into ferocious, deadly beasts who were branded as a warning to un-vaccinated survivors. Key people needed to rebuild society are protected from disease and beasts inside a fortress-like wall. But Fiona has awakened branded, alone-and on the wrong side of the wall . . .

I don't even know where to start with this review. I knew that STUNG was a work of YA fiction when I selected it for review, but I didn't expect to be childish. Does that make sense? Probably not, so let me explain a little further.

So the book starts with Fiona waking up and not remembering anything past the age of 13. Since she's now 17 this poses a bit of a problem. I was as confused as Fiona was throughout most of the book because the world building is, uh, sparse to say the least. I know that the bees died and there's something making people in to super strong killer thingamajigs. That's about all that's clear for almost the entirety of the book - which mostly consists of Fiona and some guy (who was so dull that I've honestly forgotten his name even though he's the second main character in the book) running through the woods. There's little to no sense of space or description or anything during these scenes. I had no idea if they were miles away from the city compound, a dozen feet or what. It felt like a low budget movie where they only had the money for one set and had to keep reusing it in every single scene.

Then there's Fiona. Fiona is everything I hate in bad YA fiction. Absolutely every single choice she made in the book was stupid and annoying. She gets captured, boring lead male takes pity on her (Because, duh, they're already falling in love. Gag.) and let's her sleep unshackled. He then falls asleep. He's about to take her somewhere where she'll be killed or worse. What would you do? If you're Fiona you lay there all night staring at his face and thinking about how cute he is. Ugh. Then there's the scene where they find a safe place that has changes of clothes. Does she choose something practical for fleeing for her life through the woods? Nope. She picks a fucking sun dress so she looks cute for boring male lead. God dammit.

The whole book is like this. I realize that Fiona is a teenage girl and I have no problem with characters that make bad decisions, but c'mon. Every single decision she makes is stupid and makes no sense in the context of the scene. Then there's the ever present threat of rape that is mentioned about every three paragraphs. Why, you ask? Because apparently there are seven guys to every girl (this is never explained) and instead of, you know, prizing the female population they just rape and kill them and stuff. Cause that's what you do when you want to repopulate.

Save yourself some time, dear reader, and find something better to read. It shouldn't be hard.

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One Response to “Review: Stung by Bethany Wiggins”

  1. Hannah

    Now hold on a minute. I have read this book and let me say how wrong you are sir. The “boring guy” has a gun, a grenade, and taser with him at all times. If I was fionna heck I would stay put too. Not to mention the cuffs that she wears through over half the story. Fionna put on the dress because she wanted to feel like a girl again. Her hair had been cut, she never wears her own clothes, always jeans and big baggy t-shirts. This girl had to been scared out of her mind, the monsters, and guys who literally kill for blood.i would stick with the person I once knew too. So lay off!!! I love this book! I am basically fionna too. I always make weird decisions. So do tons of other people. Saying u don’t like fionna for those reasons hurts us, not u, not ur career, but us. Oh and by the way through the whole book I could tell exactly where they were, so don’t skip pages like I bet u did. Read every word. Stung is an amazing book. There is a message throughout the whole book, I think you’ll learn from it. It is not the book that is awful, it’s you.