Interview & Giveaway: Stung by Bethany Wiggins

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We are thrilled to have Bethany Wiggins stop by today to talk about her new dystopian YA novel, STUNG which is out now by Walker Childrens.  There is a giveaway available along with this post!


ATUF: STUNG hits a lot of different genres (horror, urban fantasy, dystopian etc). How would you categorize STUNG?

BW: You’re right about it crossing over a lot of genres, but when I wrote STUNG, I was intentionally writing science fiction–that’s what I though it was, that is what it is meant to be, so for me, that is what it is.

ATUF: There’s a lot of action in the book. Did you do any training or practice yourself to help write those scenes?

BW: Yes! I learned all I could about guns and grenades and Kevlar vests. I asked some police officers a few questions that probably put me on their radar for a while, like, “If I was wearing your Kevlar vest and started running, and you shot me, would the bullet go through the vest?” And, “How close would I have to be for your Taser to reach me?” They thought I was either nuts, or planning something.

ATUF: What are some of your favorite titles/authors within STUNG’s genres?

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Possession (Possession, #1)The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1)

BW: I loved Veronica Roth’s DIVERGENT, Elana Johnson’s POSSESSION, THE HUNGER GAMES is awesome, and when I was a teen a read Z FOR ZACHARIAH by Robert C. O’Brian (and still remember it). But honestly, I haven’t read that many dystopian-ish books . . . yet.

ATUF: Would you prefer to see STUNG turned in to a movie or a weekly television show? Do you have any dream or nightmare casting picks?

BW: Movie please! And this is sad to admit, but I haven’t been able to find any actors that fit the Stung characters (not that I’ve looked all that hard)! Any suggestions out there?


ATUF: Your previous book SHIFTING used a lot of Native American mythology. Did you have that sort of starting point with STUNG?

BW: Not at all. Shifting was based on Native American Mythology, so I had a set of rules to follow to make it fit within that
mythology. Stung was inspired by a nightmare I had, so there were no set rules. That being said, I did a lot of honeybee
decline, and genetic modification research.

ATUFWhat other projects are you working on?


ATUF: Finish this statement with as much/little detail as you like: You’ll like STUNG if you like…

BW: books that sweep you up, take you on a fast, feverish ride, and then spit you back out again and leave you gasping for breath.

ATUF: And finally your Goodreads bio mentions how you used to lug Tad Williams and Robert Jordan’s absolutely massive hardcovers around school – I did the same and I feel your pain. Now I get to watch my kid just slip a kindle in her backpack. How jealous are you that the eBook option didn’t exist when we were in school?

BW: Oh, the backaches I would have been spared if I’d only had a Kindle as a teen! I think Kindles are great . . . but they’ll never have that new-book-smell. And if I stop reading huge books, my arm muscles will waste away to nothing! But for my daughter’s sake, who is also a huge-book lover, I think the Kindle will make life a lot easier!

Bethany Wiggins has always been an avid reader, but not an avid student. Seriously!!! She failed ninth grade English because she read novels instead of doing her homework. In high school, she sat alone at lunch and read massive hardback fantasy novels (Tad Williams and Robert Jordan anyone?). It wasn’t until the end of her senior year that the other students realized she was reading fiction–not the Bible

Seven years ago, Bethany’s sister dared her to start writing an hour a day until she completed a novel. Bethany wrote a seven-hundred page fantasy novel that she wisely let no one read–but it taught her how to write. Since then she has completed six more novels, each one a little better than the one before.




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Available now from Walker Childrens


There is no cure for being stung.

Fiona doesn’t remember going to sleep. But when she opens her eyes, she discovers her entire world has been altered—her house is abandoned and broken, and the entire neighborhood is barren and dead. Even stranger is the tattoo on her right hand—a black oval with five marks on either side—that she doesn’t remember getting but somehow knows she must cover at any cost. She’s right.

Those bearing the tattoo have turned into mindless, violent beasts that roam the streets and sewers, preying upon the unbranded while a select few live protected inside a fortress-like wall, their lives devoted to rebuilding society and killing all who bear the mark.

Now Fiona has awakened branded, alone—and on the wrong side of the wall.

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34 Responses to “Interview & Giveaway: Stung by Bethany Wiggins”

  1. Amanda D

    My favorite is Divergent. I was glued to that book and Insurgent. I can’t wait until #3 comes out.

  2. Yodamom

    The Forest of Hands and Teeth. it was so creepy and exciting I couldn’t put it down.

  3. ilona

    Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) by Marissa Meyer was my top favourite until I read a prepublication copy of The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. I think I’ll be adding this one to my favourites list though.

  4. Carl

    Lately I’ve been thinking about John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids (1955). That’s a really good one if you haven’t read it yet.

  5. traci116

    So many…This Is Not a Test, Hunger Games, Divergent, Monument 14, Article 5….so many good ones out there. Thanks for the giveaway..sounds like a great read!!

  6. Evette Torres

    Right now I’d have to say it’s between The Maze Runner series, Starters by Lissa Price and the Uglie series.

  7. Kai W.

    It’s the Aftertime series by Sophie Little and the Hunger Games for me.

  8. pabkins

    Fav dystopian huh? I don’t think I’ve read enough to have a Fav. I did enjoy Hunger Games and Breathe alot though.

  9. pabkins

    PS – I also used to lug those huge books around school and everywhere with me – now thank goodness when I have HUGE books to read I get them on the kindle instead haha

  10. Rain Maiden

    I grew up reading scifi, it was my favortie. Hunger Games was a great nail bitting book to read. Thank you for the giveaway.

  11. Gi-Gi

    I love the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. :3
    I think it will be my favorite forever.

  12. Flannery (The Readventurer)

    I know it is totally cliche but I have to go with Hunger Games. I read that series as it came out and I was just so pumped up for release days. This book has such a great cover/title combo. After seeing it once, I totally remembered it. (and I totally mentioned it to an aspiring writer I met at a potluck over the weekend lol)