Review: The Lost (Celestial Blues #2) by Vicki Pettersson

March 26, 2013 Review 3

Review: The Lost (Celestial Blues #2) by Vicki PetterssonThe Lost by Vicki Pettersson
Series: Celestial Blues #2
Published by Harper Voyager on March 19, 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Source: Publisher
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Julia
3 Stars

Griffin Shaw and his wife were both murdered fifty years ago. Now a minor angel, Grif's been granted permission to solve the mystery of his own death... if he helps the Pure angels guide those souls who might otherwise be Lost.

Souls like Jeap Yang, a drug addict in his final moments of life. Grif knows that death is coming, but he cannot intervene. However, Grif's mortal lover, reporter Katherine "Kit" Craig, isn't constrained by angelic protocol. If she can stop a death, she will.

But as Kit is about to find out, there are things more traumatic and evil than murder. A strange new drug is literally eating tweakers' flesh from their bones, and Kit's crusade to get it off the streets is set to propel her and Grif into a battle with a vicious drug cartel. They'll have to scramble to stay alive, stay together, and choose their own fate... before it's chosen for them.

There is no denying the technicolor beauty of Vicki Pettersson's rockabilly heroine, Kit Craig.  Each crisp, thoughtful detail brings the scent, feel, and lush sensuality of her perspective to life. In THE LOST, however, Pettersson reveals the fragility beneath Kit's meticulous habits, the dark correllary of her structured world.

Though I adore the moments when I can lose myself in Pettersson's writing, in the poetry of Kit and Griff's experiences, those immersive set pieces do not span the entire story. I have a hard time framing the confluence of religion and magic that is Griff's reality, which means all of the revelations that hinge on Griff's angelic journey (or Kit's place in it) take me out of the moment.  I got sidetracked trying to assemble the rules governing Chosen and Lost, Pure and Fallen, and each one of those moments detracted from reading momentum. I like examining how a magical system works, but I would have enjoyed THE LOST more if I could stop trying to understand how Pettersson's angelic ranks worked. The characters are fantastic, the writing is superb, and if I could have lost myself in the magic of this universe my review would have been 4 bats rather than 3.

While the vivid imagery of Pettersson's world created cinematic quality moments that I loved reading, that over the top passion also creates dramatic moments that overshot my ability to be invested. When so much of Kit and Griff's human/ angelic relationship relies on a magical system I don't fully comprehend, it's hard to be emotionally invested in their future. I know that moments between these two characters can be some of the most beautiful I've read, I'm just not sure if I believe in any possability of a happily ever after for them. Luckily, in Pettersson's capable hands, even loss can be beautiful.

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3 Responses to “Review: The Lost (Celestial Blues #2) by Vicki Pettersson”

  1. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    Petterssen’s universe can definitely be difficult to grasp at times but overall I found this book to be more enjoyable than its predecessor. Oh well, there’s still one more novel left in this trilogy. Maybe everything will come together. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Julia

    I definitely liked the relationship between Kit and Griff more this time around (though I’m not really on board with the whole ‘star-crossed’ lovers situation being set up for book three), I think I had less patience for the religion/ magic structure. Shouldn’t it get easier in book two, not harder? Then again, I was slow to get comfortable with the magic in Marjorie Liu’s Hunter Kiss series, and that’s one of my all time favorites. I’ll definitely give Celestial Blues another try, but I’m not quite sold yet…

  3. Anna @ herding cats

    I’ve been seeing this series pop up all over the place the last couple weeks and have been thinking about giving it a try. The relationship sounds pretty interesting. I’ve definitely read one or two over the years that got so bogged down in the rules and classifications it was really overwhelming. Hopefully the world building will work for me. Thanks for the heads up though!