Review: Strange Fates (Nyx Fortuna #1) by Marlene Perez

March 6, 2013 Review 0

Review: Strange Fates (Nyx Fortuna #1) by Marlene PerezStrange Fates by Marlene Perez
Series: Nyx Fortuna #1
Published by Orbit on March 5, 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 317
Source: NetGalley
Book Trailer: Trailer
Sexual Content: Kissing, sensuality, single sex scene
Reviewed by: Kate
3 Stars

Brooding, leather jacket-wearing Nyx Fortuna looks like a 20-something, and has for centuries now. As the son of the forgotten fourth Fate, Lady Fortuna, he has been hunted his entire life by the three Sisters of Fate that murdered his mother.

Fed up and out for revenge, Nyx comes to Minneapolis following a tip that his aunts have set up a business there. His goal ­ to bring down his mother's killers and retrieve the thread of fate that has trapped him in the body of a twenty year old unable to age or die.

But when a chance meeting with the mysterious, dangerous and very mortal Elizabeth Abernathy throws off his plans, he must reconcile his humanity and his immortality.

As one of those dorky kids who loved Greek mythology, the premise of the Fates mixed with the descendants of Greek Gods existing in the modern day Midwestern US is right up my alley. STRANGE FATES didn't turn out quite like I was expecting, and I did have a few issues, but it was a light fun read with an original premise.

While I loved the world building and mythological aspects, there were some things that detracted from my enjoyment. My biggest complaint was the repetition. In one instance, Nyx repeats three times in two pages how he can’t share his true identity, because if his friend knew, it would put him in danger. When similar phrases are used frequently and close to each other it is distracting and pulls me out of the story. Another problem is that there was frequent coincidence in order to tie together plot lines. For example, though Nyx was characterized as lucky, since his mother is Lady Fortuna, as soon as he shows up in Minneapolis he discovers multiple of his mother’s charms and belongings in short order. This would normally be fine, but he supposedly has been looking for them for years- so why didn't his luckiness help him sooner?

I liked Nyx as a character. His desire for revenge against his aunts (who killed his mother) was understandable, especially as we learn more about his early life. However, there were aspects of his personality that were unbelievable. For example, he’d been around for centuries, and yet hadn't learned much magic, instead relied on fighting skills to protect himself against possibly magical enemies. He was also far more impulsive and less thoughtful than I would expect somebody who had lived as long as he had to be. However, there were a few side characters who made up for the sometimes clueless Nyx. There was Talbot, the slightly insufferable member of the House of Poseidon and Naomi, Nyx's cousin who doesn't know they’re related, but becomes his friend. Even Nyx’s aunts, the Fates, turn out to be different than we’re expecting based on the set up.

STRANGE FATES was a worthwhile read despite the issues. It was fun and quick, and the world Perez created is an original one in an Urban Fantasy landscape replete with werewolves and vampires. Since STRANGE FATES is the first in a trilogy, I’m looking forward to seeing where the overall story arc goes, and I’ll be around to read the second book, DARK DESCENT when it comes out.

Series Titles:

1. Strange Fates
2. Dark Descent
3. Fortune's Favor

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