Early Review: Flirting Under a Full Moon (Flirting with Fangs Trilogy #1) by Ashlyn Chase

March 30, 2013 Review 0

Early Review: Flirting Under a Full Moon (Flirting with Fangs Trilogy #1) by Ashlyn ChaseFlirting Under the Full Moon by Ashlyn Chase
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on April 2, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Source: NetGalley
Excerpt: Excerpt
Sexual Content: Multiple sex scenes, references to sex
Reviewed by: Kate
2 Stars

Brandee has been dumped in every way possible, but by text is the last straw. That's it—she's officially done with men. Unfortunately, she's just been told her "soul mate" is the drool-worthy hottie all her friends call One-Night Nick.

Nick has been searching for true love for one hundred years. After all, werewolves mate for life, and he does not want to mess this up. As soon as he kisses Brandee, he knows she's the one. But how will he convince a woman who knows nothing of paranormals that she's about to be bound to a werewolf forever?

FLIRTING UNDER A FULL MOON looked and sounded like a super cute paranormal romance. Unfortunately, I was more than a little let down after reading this book, since it was pretty much a boilerplate paranormal romance with frustrating main characters and a boring, forgettable plot.

My biggest problem with FLIRTING UNDER A FULL MOON was that Nick is possessive and kind of creepy. He thinks he knows best and frequently shows that by his actions, time after time doing something he asserts is in Brandee’s best interest, but not telling her about it. This includes breaking into her apartment and (on a separate occasion) wiping her memory, so I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from with the “creepy” part here. Brandee, for her part, is then so ridiculously forgiving of all these incidents, and continues to trust Nick, despite the fact that he doesn’t really deserve it.

Another issue I had was with the plot. There was no tension at all. Nick easily got himself out of every situation, even those that put him in danger, and he seemed to do things without thinking them through. For somebody who has been around for a century....well, needless to say I would assume one would think before they leap. Plus, there were frequent coincidences that resolved issues. All of the roadblocks to Brandee and Nick’s relationship were resolved in one fell swoop (of magic)!  Lastly, the time frame that the book covers is really short for the way the relationship developed. Mild spoiler- Nick and Brandee do get engaged at the end, but they’d been dating for less than two months. It all seemed really fast to me.

FLIRTING UNDER A FULL MOON was definitely a disappointment. Sadly, I don’t have a convenient vampire to erase it from my memory. I’ll just have to content myself with avoiding future installments of the Flirting with Fangs trilogy.

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2. How to Date a Dragon

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