Review: VAMPIRES GONE WILD (anthology) by Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer, Kim Falconer, Amanda Arista

February 16, 2013 Review 0

Vampires Gone Wild (Vamp City, #1.5; Love at Stake, #13.5; Diaries of an Urban Panther, #3.5)


by Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer, Kim Falconer, Amanda Arista

Genre: Paranormal romance
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Reviewed by: Kristina | Source: Edlewiess

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  • Publisher: Avon Impulse (February 12, 2013)
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Excellent – Loved it! Buy it now & put this author on your watch list.

Sexual Content

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V is for VampWoman by Kerrelyn Sparks

Pamela decides to shed her prim and proper ways for spandex and a mask to help fight the Malcontents. Now if only she weren’t so distracted by the sexy vampire fighting by her side . . .

A Forever Love by Pamela Palmer

Trapped in Vamp City, Lukas has been unable to return to the beauty who stole his heart. But now that she’s stumbled into his world, it will take every ounce of cunning he possesses to keep her alive.

First Dates Are Hell by Amanda Arista

Valiance’s first date in a hundred years is going great . . . until they’re attacked in the parking lot and quiet, unassuming Esme turns out to be way more than she appears.

Blood and Water by Kim Falconer

Beneath the waves of San Francisco Bay lives a vampire race that wants nothing to do with the “landers” except to feed on them. But when Stellan sets eyes on Angelina, everything changes.


V IS FOR VAMPWOMAN by Kerrelyn Sparks (Love at Stake, #13.5)

This was a fun addition to Spark’s Love at Stake series and, like the full length novels, there is no need for prior knowledge of this world and its characters. I really enjoyed Pam and her machinations to help out the guys as the not-so-mysterious VampWoman in her black spandex. The clever humor and unique worldbuilding that is the calling card of this series is ever present in this novella. I would have liked Mikhail and Pam’s relationship to have been more fleshed out, but their quick romance made for a nice satisfying story.

Sexual Content: graphic sex scenes
Rating: 4/5

A FOREVER LOVE by Pamela Palmer

A FOREVER LOVE was sort of a sweet love story where human Elizabeth reunites with her vampire ex and discovers a whole fascinating new world.  I liked the concept of Vamp City as a magical mirrored version of our world where vampires are trapped.  But the romance fell to close to the line of date rape for me with Lukas using mind wiping to feed on Elizabeth. It’s hard to root for a romance when the hero is using mind control on the heroine.  Granted it would have been one thing if he were the villain but since this was the hero, it was problematic for me.

Sexual Content: sex scenes, sensuality
Rating: 3.5/5

FIRST DATES ARE HELL by Amanda Arista (Diaries of an Urban Panther, #3.5)

Take some life altering discoveries, a surprise vampire attack, kidnapping and you have the recipe for what should be a horrible first date. Instead, I loved Vailance and his sweet attempt at asking out Esme, a shopgirl he only met once. Esme impressed me with her ability to adapt so quickly to the concept of vampires, weres, and fairies all while adjusting to the discovery of her own heritage. Some of the terms and titles of characters were a bit unfamiliar to me, but that and only made me more curious about the broader world in Arista’s Urban Panther series. This series is getting added to my ever expanding TBR pile.

Sexual Content: N/A
Rating: 4/5

BLOOD AND WATER by Kim Falconer

At first I didn’t understand what was happening in BLOOD AND WATER especially after the previous three stories were about pretty similar vampires and vampire lore. My confusion ended when I finally figured out that this was about creatures known as Mar, or merpeople who are essentially ‘water vampires’ in this story. The mixing of the mermaid myths with vampire lore was pretty ingenious and unique.  The conflict was was resolved a little too quickly, but I enjoyed the twist on supernatural lore as well as Stellan and Angelina’s growing affection enough that the shortness of this story didn’t really bother me.

Sexual Content: N/A
Rating: 4/5



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