Review: Immortal Craving (Dark Dynasties #4) by Kendra Leigh Castle

February 23, 2013 Review 2


Immortal Craving

(Dark Dynasties, #4)
by Kendra Leigh Castle
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Excerpt: No | Book Trailer: No
Reviewed by: Abigail| Source: NetGalley

  • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Forever; Reprint edition (January 29, 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 145551165X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1455511655


Good – A fun read with minor flaws. Maybe read an excerpt before buying.

Sexual Content

Two sex scenes


The fourth sexy paranormal romance in the Dark Dynasties series about a warrior vampire who is the last of his kind, and the human woman who could be his future.

The last-and most lethal-of his kind . . .

Wild, uncontrollable, and powerful, the lion-shifting Rakshasa were hunted down by vicious rival vampires who feared their dark, magical abilities. Somehow one survived, and now, after centuries of hiding, Tasmin Singh reemerges as fierce and fearless as ever at the door of the Lilim queen, seeking answers . . . and sanctuary.

The human best friend to a vampire queen, Bay Harper traded her quiet, comfortable life for a world filled with immortal assassins, warring werewolves . . . and this hauntingly sexy shifter. Only Bay’s gentle touch can subdue Tasmin’s inner demons, even as he brings out a passion and sensuality she never imagined she could feel. But when a bloody struggle threatens to tear them apart, can Bay risk everything on her faith in him-or will his dark side be stronger than even their all-consuming desire?


IMMORTAL CRAVING is the forth book in Kendra Leigh Castle’s Dark Dynasties series, paranormal romances about a race of shapeshifting vampires.  There are some character crossovers, but each book focuses on a new couple, so new readers can enjoy any book regardless of whether or not they read the previous ones. In this case, a human dog groomer crosses paths with an ancient and tormented lion shifting vampire.

This was my first read by Castle, and I would say it’s a decent if not particularly compelling read.  In typical PNR fashion, our couple only has eyes for each other the moment they meet.  Neither can account for the strange and hitherto unknown attraction they feel for the other, the obsessive thoughts, the almost uncontrollable desire to touch and taste.  I can’t really account for it either except that they don’t really have a lot of other options, at least not that we see.

So our couple tries to fight their mutual attraction briefly for various noble and/or innocuous reasons that no reader buys for a moment.  Later, when an actually legitimate reason makes itself know, our heroine dismisses it immediately and our relatively weak hero doesn’t protest half as much as he should have.  There were also some larger series plotlines involving warring vampire lines that perhaps lost some of their intended impact on me as a new reader.  Of course this is a romance, so love prevails and everyone is happy in in the end.  I suppose I was too, but not enough to be too motivated to dig into the previous books in this series or be overly anxious waiting for a fifth book in the Dark Dynasties series.


  1. Dark Awakening
  2. Midnight Reckoning
  3. Shadow Rising
  4. Dark Dynasties

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