Top 10 List & Giveaway: Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Quirks & win OPAL(signed)

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A big welcome to Jennifer L. Armentrout today to share her top ten quirks from the crazy (#7) to the ‘duh, don’t we all’ (#4) as she continues her blog tour for OPAL, the third book in the Lux series (published on December 11th 2012 by Entangled Publishing).  We’ve all fallen hard for this sizzling romantic YA series.  In her reviews, Julia describes her love for Daemon and Katy by saying they are “Smart, funny, and aware that sexual chemistry doesn’t equal true love, I am head over heels in love with Katy, the book loving heroine of the Lux series. Pair her up with a macho dreamboat that thinks he knows best, and the banter and action don’t miss a beat.” Thanks to Entangled, one of you will win a signed copy of OPAL. It’s signed by Jennifer and cover model Pepe Toth!

Top 10 List

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Top 10 Quirks


Writing is more of a passion for me than a job


I believe in ghosts


I like my hotdogs with nothing on them or the bun


I’ve never eaten apple pie


I have a fear of bridges over water (And yes, traveling through FL sucked)


I don’t like books or movies that leave you an emotional wreck


I have a crush on Jase from Duck Dynasty


I think every sentence is made better when the word ‘ninja’ is added


I like to say, “What up, home skillet?”


My favorite kind of candy is a Blow Pop (sour apple)

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 USA TODAY Bestselling author, Jennifer L. Armentrout, lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing, she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell, Loki. Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She also writes adult romance under the name J. Lynn.

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Win a signed copy of OPAL (signed by Jennifer and cover model Pepe Toth!)




Published on December 11th 2012 by Entangled Publishing


No one is like Daemon Black.

When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn’t fooling around. Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again, and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches, well… There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on.

But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love.

After everything, I’m no longer the same Katy. I’m different… And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I’m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won’t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Together we’re stronger… and they know it.

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56 Responses to “Top 10 List & Giveaway: Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Quirks & win OPAL(signed)”

  1. Julie

    Hmmm…I have many quirks but some are that I also believe in ghosts and I have mild OCD so don’t mess with my book shelves…lol. What a fun post! I can’t wait to read Opal! Thanks for the chance to win! *fingers crossed*

  2. Lori

    I don’t like movies that don’t have HEA. I also like Pepsi in a glass versus plastic 🙂
    Happy Holidays

  3. Josephine

    Sugar has to go in the cup before the coffee ALWAYS!

    The ninja comment made me laugh out loud 🙂

  4. Marie O.

    One of my quirks is that my books I order online have to be in perfect condition, or else I can’t keep them. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Larissa

    I have to have my coffee in my special cup. And I drink coffee all day, so I always have this cup with me. My coworkers call it my security blanket.

  6. Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog

    One of my quirks is I never share drinks with anyone because I’m a major germaphobe! haha

  7. Hollow May

    I can’t pass a church without crossing myself. And I have #5 & #6 of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s quirks too =)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  8. Christina B

    I have too many quirks but some are I do believe in other life forms outside of Earth. I do believe in the Supernatural (Some but not all). I can be very Germaphobic when I want to be but I am a very messy person… and so on. Thank you for the chance to win! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Rhowie

    I have this behavior that when I’m doing something, I don’t want somebody or anyone to watch me, like if I’m doing a nail art on you? I don’t want u to watch unless its done,,,, was that weird? Thank you for this awesome giveaway *keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  10. Brittanie

    Hmmm, my quirks? I say “cool beans” all the time, and I put ketchup on almost everything.

  11. Jaclyn Canada

    I have to say “Bless You” when someone sneezes – I don’t care if we are in a movie theater or at the grocery store…I will interrupt. I also really like crazy socks.

  12. Sanah

    Ninjas all the way! Haha and bridges over water kind of scare me to but I had to get used to it cause I live in New York.

  13. erinf1

    Thanks for a fun post! I’m kinda OCD about some stuff… I hate clutter… things have to be straight and organized… I can’t sleep in a bed unless it was made first… I prefer things in even numbers…

  14. Anna @ herding cats & burning soup

    Oh what a fun list. No apple pie? Ever?! That’s the only fruit pie I’m good with. The way you are with bridges over water…I’m like that with tunnels through mountains. OMG Virgina and W. Virginia were NOT fun. I just wanted to squeeze my eyes shut and do a little panicked squealing. LOL.

    Thanks ladies!! I’ve had my eye on this series for a while. Hope yall have a great Christmas!

  15. Stacey O'Neale

    I have too many quirks to name. My top one has to be my weird fixation with cemeteries and old burial spots. I like to search for really old tombstones and take pictures of them especially if I find one older than 1900. I have no idea why this interests me. It started when I was in middle school and my parents old house backed up to a cemetery.

  16. Katelyn

    I’m obsessed with Jennifer L. Armentrout’s books. Yeah. That’s not a big problem, but an awesome quirk!

  17. vero

    I have a lot quirks one of them I cant read in taxis without rock music xD

  18. Kassandra Fuentes

    This is hard, because I have a lot of quirks. I only eat half of an Oreo cookie, the half that has more filling on it lol.

  19. Barbara Elness

    One of my quirks is a love for American Chopper. I’m not sure why I love that show so much, I’m not into motorcycles or father and son bickering, but I love it. And I’m sorry that it just ended. 🙁
    One more quirk is the way I read my books. I like them to look unread when I’m through with them, it bugs me when people read a book and break the spine. 😀

  20. [email protected] GREAT read

    I definitely believe in ghosts as well! Never had an encounter myself, but I do believe they exist!

    And yeah…I am a little CDO–OCD, but with all the letters where they should be! 😉 –with my books! 😉

  21. Kai W.

    When I’m eating noodle, I like to squeeze a little of hot sauce from the bottle with every bit.

  22. Susan S.

    I have a lot of quirks. I like sugar in iced tea but I have to drink hot tea with nothing in it.

  23. jordan

    Love this giveaway! i hate when people borrow my books, i think that thier going to mess them up! lol 🙂

  24. Yadira A.

    Everything has a place and when something gets used then it needs to be put back in the right spot when it’s done.

  25. Brooke Banks

    I have the quirk of not being able to eat oreos without milk too.

    I also like to collect office supply type things, like journals, because I find them pretty but don’t use them. I hate my penmanship and prefer the computer for a number of other reasons. Yet I still have stacks of notebooks I don’t use, organization things just becoming clutter and pens I rarely use. Of course, now that my daughter is older they are getting use from her, but I have to hold myself back because people using my thing makes me itch. Even if I’m not using them.

  26. Gabyg

    Quite a few, like I need to have all my things in a certain order or else I freak out a little bit.

  27. Viki S.

    I crack my nose when I’m sitting watching TV. I don’t even know that I’m doing it.

  28. Carl

    I don’t like other people to touch my books and I mean literally touch them at all. I don’t even like them to stand too close.

  29. Heather K.

    If I have a choice between chocolate and vanilla, I will pick vanilla every time! (NOT being a chocoholic is kind of rare. I am a coffee-holic though.:)

  30. Lori

    I stick my tongue out the side of my mouth when I am concentrating. It’s really annoying. I have no idea I am doing it and people make fun of me.

  31. Jody Duffy

    I get so into the book I am reading so that just say “uh huh” until I finish the passage I am reading and then look up 5 minutes later and ask my husband “What did you say?” LOL He gets so mad but then I tell him if there is a book in front of my face== Wait until I focus solely on you.

  32. Karin Anderson

    I don’t like ladders. I am not a heights person, but ladders or stairs where you can see through them…I’m not okay with.

    AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

  33. Natasha

    I believe in ghosts also and also when I eat none of my food can touch on my plate if it does I won’t eat it. Thanks for the chance to win and happy holidays!

  34. Erika

    I don’t eat meat off of the bone! Also I also have a fear of driving on bridges over water, weird:p Thanks!

  35. Chelsea B.

    I *have* to face the wall to go to sleep. It’s like I feel like the monsters who live under my bed will get me if I don’t or something 😉

  36. Samantha D

    I only drink milk at certain times and days. If its the morning milk will make me want to puke 🙁 too late and ill have the effect. I dont drink milk much. Idk milk just freaks me out!

  37. Tiffany M.

    I won’t let any body part hang off of where I am sleeping. Watched a creepy movie when I was younger and still can’t get over it. I also have to have a b,anklet over some part of my body no matter how hot it is, otherwise I can’t sleep right… There are many more quirks but I don’t want to waste an entire page of your time listing them :). Thank you for the giveaway!

  38. Celsey Seivert

    I would rather stay up all night then sleep like normal people LOL

  39. Tiffaney Rice

    I cannot stand the sound nails make when they scratch a chalk board.