Release Day Review: Guardians of Stone (The Relic Seekers #1) by Anita Clenney

December 4, 2012 Review 1

Guardians of Stone

(The Relic Seekers, #1)
by Anita Clenney

Genre: Paranormal Romance |
Excerpt: Yes | Book Trailer: No
Reviewed by: Julia | Source: Publisher

  • Paperback: 290 pages
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance; December 4, 2012
  • ISBN-10: 1612186548
  • ISBN-13: 978-1612186542


Good – A fun read with minor flaws. Maybe read an excerpt before buying.

Sexual Content

Kissing, references to sex.


Kendall Morgan is a human bloodhound. Spending her childhood hunting relics with her ambitious archeologist father, she knew the two of them shared a sixth sense for the history and location of objects—sometimes even people. What she didn’t know was that their paranormal gift could ultimately be their undoing.

After the tragic plane crash that killed her father as well as her childhood best friend, Kendall dedicated her life to finding and protecting relics. When mysterious, sexy billionaire Nathan Larraby hires her for his latest expedition—the search for four powerful relics —she’s thrown into a world of high-octane danger. He sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall’s back, but he may have created danger of a different kind.

As the team chases down clues, a man called the Reaper makes a play for the artifacts and will stop at nothing to put them to his own sinister use. What’s worse is that Nathan hasn’t told the whole story, and the dark secrets he’s keeping could cost them the mission…and their lives.


A kickbutt premise stumbling over the execution, anyone who picks up GUARDIAN OF STONE for adventure, mystery, and cinematic action will not be disappointed. While I was never quite swept away, I will certainly remember the mythology and ruins of this particular Italian adventure.

My biggest issue with GUARDIANS OF STONE was the writing style. Clenney gives us the story from both Jake and Kendall’s perspective, but their inner thoughts and back and forth banter supplants almost all other description. I love witty banter, especially between an oil and water romantic pair, but Kendall and Jake’s conversations with each other, hoteliers, and tourists diluted the quips and weren’t an effective way to carry the entire story.  The parts of the story told from Nathan’s point of view had a more isolated, descriptive flavor, but that wasn’t enough to immerse me in the story (or get me attached to him).

It was ultimately the ruins and puzzles and ghosts that drew me through the story, and the ultimate mystery of Kendall’s past and powers.  Unfortunately, those are questions that will be resolved later in the series, leaving this book a little flat.  Fans of thrillers and National Treasure will enjoy the action side of things, but that wasn’t enough to get me hooked.


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One Response to “Release Day Review: Guardians of Stone (The Relic Seekers #1) by Anita Clenney”

  1. Anna @ herding cats & burning soup

    Aw that’s too bad the delivery wasn’t quite up to the premise. The idea behind the series really does sound fantastic. 3 bats isn’t bad though. I may have to try it out just for the puzzles/para aspect of it. Love stuff like that!

    Thanks for your opinion on it!!