Nominate Your Favorite Covers for the 2012 Paranormal Cover Art Awards

November 1, 2012 Cover Art Awards 0

Nominations are now open for the 4th annual Paranormal Cover Art Awards!  Here’s how it works.  The nominations begin today and run until November 20th.  Anyone can nominate by filling out the form below. The five covers with the most nominations in each category will be included on the final ballot (**NOTE** If a category does not receive enough nominations it may not be included on the final voting ballot). The voting ballot will be posted on December 1st will remain open until December 31st. The winning covers will be announced on January 7th.


  • Nominated covers must have been published between January 1st and December 31st 2012.
  • You may nominate up to 3 covers per category (including your own).
  • You may nominate the same cover in multiple categories.
  • You do not need to nominate a cover in every category.
  • You must include the Title & Author of each cover or the link to the book on Goodreads. *Please* include the artist’s name if you know it.
Where can you see all the covers released this year?  Check out our Hot Off the Press posts from 2012 & our Pinterest board has close to 600 covers to consider nominating

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