Blogger/Reviewer Wanted: Love Paranormal Fiction? We Want You

November 23, 2012 News 9

Since launching in 2009, All Things Urban Fantasy has grown so far beyond what I ever could have imagined.  In 2010, Julia joined the team and brought a wealth of paranormal knowledge and enthusiasm for the genre that still puts me to shame.  In 2011, in a case of unrepentant nepotism, the meticulous and tireless Kristina (Julia’s sister-in-law) turned our duo into a trio. The three of us eat, breathe, and sleep paranormal books and pop culture, and together we’ve built this site into something we’re all proud of.

We’ve gone through a number of different looks and styles, and recently made the leap from Blogger to WordPress this past summer.   As we enter into our fourth year, we’ve decided it’s time to expand the team yet again.   We’ve got more books that the three of us can read, more author and giveaway requests than we can accept, and more ideas that we can bring to fruition.

We’re looking for:

  • Someone who loves paranormal fiction
  • Someone who is punctual and organized
  • Someone who is articulate and can write a well reasoned review
  • Someone who is creative and friendly
  • Someone who is interested in becoming a full member of the ATUF team

Does that sound like you? Fill out the form below!

9 Responses to “Blogger/Reviewer Wanted: Love Paranormal Fiction? We Want You”

  1. Penni

    Looking forward to seeing fresh faces (so to speak) on the team! I would love to do this but I am not as articulate in reviews as those that I have seen on here. I am new to writing any type of review. I always just read the books and, if I liked them, I read them again and again while telling as many people about them as I could! lol Best of luck to all who aspire to join!

    For those in the US I hope your Thanksgiving was very blessed yesterday!

      • Penni

        *Takes a deep breath and jumps in* Ok! I am due for a new experience 😀 …..walks off nervously biting nails. lol

    • Abigail

      It’s not too late 🙂 We’ll close the form when we are closed for new applicants. Probably at the end of the month

  2. Kelly

    How exciting for everyone! I read a lot of books(around 450 this year) but… I would be to nervous writing reviews on them lol. I wouldn’t know when to stop reviewing and would end up telling the whole story!

    Good luck to all who apply!

  3. Jaclyn Canada

    I am a new blogger (just started a month ago) but I really love my blog and will keep it. I work full time, from 8-5 and can only reasonably review about 4-5 books a month. Is it even worth it for me to apply? Would I still be posting my reviews to my blog or how would this work? Please email me to let me know.

  4. Douglas Meeks

    Well I left a lengthy “other things” comment:) Nice setup you have here and very organized.