Early Review: THE WARLOCK’S CURSE by M.K. Hobson

October 29, 2012 Review 1

The Warlock's Curse (Veneficas Americana, #3)


(Veneficas Americana, #3)
by M.K. Hobson

Genre: Steampunk|
Excerpt: YesBook Trailer: Yes
Reviewed by:  Kristina | Source: Author

  • Paperback: 398 pages
  • Publisher: Demimonde (October 31, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 1938860004
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938860003


Excellent – Loved it! Buy it now & put this author on your watch list.

Sexual Content

Kissing, references to rape


THE YEAR IS 1910. Eighteen-year-old Will Edwards has landed a prestigious apprenticeship at Detroit’s Tesla Industries, the most advanced scientific research center in the United States. It’s a plum prize for a young man who dreams of a career in the new science of Otherwhere Engineering.

But his father doesn’t want him to go. And he won’t tell him why.

Determined to get there by any means necessary, Will finds unexpected support along the way. His old friend Jenny Hansen—daughter of a San Francisco timber baron—is eager to help him for reasons of her own. And so is his estranged brother Ben, who he hasn’t seen in over ten years.

But running away turns out to be the easy part. On the first full moon after his eighteenth birthday, Will is stricken by a powerful magic—a devastating curse laid upon his ancestors by the malevolent sangrimancer Aebedel Cowdray. Will must find a way to control the magic that possesses him—or the vengeful warlock’s spirit will destroy everything and everyone he loves.


THE WARLOCK’S CURSE is a fascinating, dark, adventure story filled to the brim with steampunk science and technology. The first few chapters dragged a little but the second half of the story more than made up for the lackluster start with some startling revelations.

So much of a good steampunk novel comes down to atmosphere.  The detailed, scientific explanations of various machines greatly helped with creating that  tone though I could have done with a little less emphasis on a few of the more obscure  scientific theories depicted in this book. What did work especially well was the history presented in THE WARLOCK’S CURSE with an uneasy mix of magic with technology. While Will’s curse is a horrible thing, I enjoyed the reason behind it since the explanation allowed for a more indepth explanation of how and why this world works the way it does.

As the protagonist, Will is a very headstrong character and I liked that he was so persistent and determined to achieve his goal to work for Tesla Industries. His stubbornness and inability to see the consequences of some of his more drastic actions were a tad annoying despite the excuse of his young age. That feeling was tempered by the frustration I felt on his behalf by all the secrets that were kept from him.  That information would have helped a great deal if he had known beforehand.

THE WARLOCK’S CURSE started off slow but eventually picked up. The massive revelations were wonderfully surprising  though I would have prefered to not be told it all at once as they were a lot to take in.  All in all,  this was a great adventure story set in a world brimming with magic and steam technology. The next book in the Veneficas Americana series, THE UNSTEADY EARTH comes out in 2013.

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