Early Review: Born to Bite by Hannah Howell, Erica Ridley, Diana Cosby

August 28, 2012 Review 2

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Born to Bite

by Erica Ridley, Diana Cosby, Hannah Howell

Genre: Paranormal Romance |
Excerpt: Yes | Book Trailer: No
Reviewed by: Abigail | Source: Publisher

  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Kensington (August 28, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 0758273436
  • ISBN-13: 978-0758273437


Okay – A few good points, but with significant flaws. Library/swap/borrow if you want.

Sexual Content

Moderately graphic sex scenes.


Darkly handsome and dangerously sexy, these voracious vampires are out for blood—and bound for eternal love…

Dark Secret by Hannah Howell

Alone in the world, Murdina Dunbar sets out in search of the only family she has left—and finds an ally in the mysterious Sir Gillanders Baldwin. Something about her sexy protector stirs her blood. Soon, not even the whispers that he’s a dangerous demon can keep her from his bed….

Never Been Bitten by Erica Ridley

Rumored to be a vampire, the rakish Mr. Macane is ravishing all the ladies of the ton! Yet, Miss Elspeth Ramsay cannot bring herself to tremble in his presence. But once Ellie feels the touch of his teeth at her throat, she finds herself biting him back! Surely this sudden bloodlust can only mean danger for her family—and her heart….

Highland Vampire by Diana Cosby

As King of the Highland Coven, vampire Aedan MacGregor knows that falling for the fey Rowan Campbell could destroy her. But one taste of her healing blood and he craves her like no other. Dare claim her as his own, knowing he might lose her forever?


First up was DARK SECRET by Hannah Howell, the latest story in her MacNachton Vampire series.  The story was very, very similar the the previous MacNachton Vampire novella from the anthology HIGHLAND HUNGER.  In both novellas, a MacNachton vampire goes on the run with a women through a forest. While fleeing from enemies, they fall in love, destroy the bad guys then he backs off when they reach safety thinking she doesn’t want him.  The women from his family reassure her, she marches up to him and calls him out, he marks her as his mate and then it’s off to plan the wedding.   The initial set up differs, but it’s basically the same story following the exact same structure.  The writing is expressive and the characters well drawn, but I was hoping for something completely new.  This wasn’t it.  Rating: 2/5

Then there was HIGHLAND VAMPIRE by Diana Cosby.  A woman finds a naked man and is compelled to drag him into a nearby cave where he reveals himself to be a vampire. He instantly recognizes her as his mate:

“…I want you overmuch.”
“Never before have I wanted a man…Never have I lain with a man. But against all I have taught, against my beliefs. I want you.”

That’s the extent of their romance.  What followed was a comically awkward sex scene full of oddly obvious statements like, ‘I am naked…I am going to kiss you…I am going to make love to you.’  I gave up on this one.  Rating: DNF 

The last story was the longest, and fortunately the best.  NEVER BEEN BITTEN by Erica Ridley was very reminiscent of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series with a ‘spinster’ woman with a head for science is hired to confirm that a certain gentlemen is secretly a vampire.  The first two thirds of the story was delightful as Elspeth and Cain exchanged witty banter and tried to outsmart each other.  The ending was a little busy for a novella and several things felt rushed especially the resolution of the romance.  Had this been a full length novel, I think this would have been a 4/5 easily.  At this length, however, the story was rushed.  Rating: 3/5 

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2 Responses to “Early Review: Born to Bite by Hannah Howell, Erica Ridley, Diana Cosby”

  1. Julia

    Definitely going to try the “I am naked, I want you overmuch” line out for myself. Here’s hoping human men are as literal and ridiculous as vampires. Do you think I need to be in a cave for optimum effectiveness?

    • Abigail

      The dialogue in that one is right up there with the worst I’ve ever read. Awful. I do hope Erica Ridley has plans for a full length novel based on her story. I really liked that one.